Funniest Group Halloween Costumes

3. Drinks Group Costumes

Most people find a great opportunity on this special event of the year to drink and have fun. The following costumes are for people who know how to enjoy a good beverage. We present different brands of beverages for various tastes.

bud lights beers

group coffee costume

corona 6 pack costume 1

4. Food Group Costumes Halloween Costume

And to have a complete menu, we need to add some food to spice up the party. When it comes to food costumes, it’s quite easy to pick from such an amazing variety of products. Check out the following menus and sandwiches. All ready for parties.


WTF?! these guys really love the burgers or what… well, when you love… you want to get inside… Check out some other unusual Halloween costumes ideas

group cheeseburger

Sandwich  Halloween Costume

sandwich costume

Happy Meal Halloween Costume

happy meal dog costumes

5. Couple Costumes

Sometimes, the couples or good friends want to wear matching costumes and stand out. Look at the following cool costume for pairs.

Bra Halloween Costume

bra costume

American Gothic Halloween Costume

american gothic costume

Monster under the Bed Halloween Costume

monter under bed costume

Best Friends For Ever Halloween Costume

best friends costume

Star-Wars Machine Halloween Costume

at at star wars costume halloween

Child Birth  Halloween Costume

child birth delivery


cat dog costume

6. Costumes for larger groups

Sometimes you and your entire gang decide to wear something unique and fit for each one of you. The following costumes are great for bigger groups.

Magic School Bus Halloween Costume

magic school bus

Fingers Halloween Costume

fingers costume group


train costume

Bunnies in a carrot Halloween Costume

bunnies carrot wagon

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