Funniest Group Halloween Costumes

Funny Halloween Costumes for groups – take a look at our list of the funniest and coolest costumes for 2 or more persons.

When you think about Halloween, you think about candies, pumpkins, but most of all, about costumes. Everyone wants to wear something original and cool, and mostly fun. It’s common to have a unique costume, but Halloween is also a fest for fun, so what is more enjoyable than wearing a group costume with your friends.

Usually, the groups or matching costumes are the sensations of the party. Check out the collection of funny group costumes we’ve gathered for you.

1. Animal Group Costumes

The first idea for a group costume is of course, the traditional animal costume shared by two people. One of the 2 friends is the “head” and the other is the “tail” (or the others). Take a look at the following funny group Halloween costumes.

Lots of ideas on how to dress for your perfect funny Halloween costumes!

Horse Halloween Costume

funny group costume

Caterpillar Halloween Costume

catterpillar costume

 Camel Halloween Costume

camel halloween costume

 Zebra Halloween Costume

zebra halloween costume

Mammoth Halloween Costume


Slinky Dog Halloween Costume

funny slinky dog costume

Cow Halloween Costume

cow costume funny

2. Game Group Costumes

A popular costume for the Halloween is the group costume that mimics a social game. What is more fun than becoming the game you enjoy playing with your friends?

Beer Pong Halloween Costume

That is indeed a weird Halloween costume!

beer pong

Tetris Halloween Costume

human tetris

Words Halloween Costume

words costume

Dominoes Halloween Costume

dominoes group costume

Rock, Paper, Scissors Halloween Costume

rock paper scissors

Roller Coaster Halloween Costume

roller coaster costume

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