50+ Most Bizarre and Unique Nail Art Designs

A list of 50+ examples of the most bizarre and impressive unique nail art designs, with pictures and comments. Weird nail trends, manicures, interesting, fabulous nails design, shape and odd polish.

You won’t believe how creepy some nails are, how cool, interesting or peculiar! But we can promise they are all pretty unique and amazing!

Feeling bored? Want to try something like really unusual? (if you dare…) Then you are in the perfect place!

We know that women are extremely curious about new trends in clothes, shoes, bags… but what about nails ? I know you would probably wear something odd just because you saw Angelina Jolie wearing something similar, but would you grow your own flower garden on your nails, or would you wear real dead insects on them? Feeling confused…? I’m going to show you some ground-breaking nails art designs and the most exotic methods of nails decorations.

Here you will find the strangest unique nails art designs, and before you run to a beauty salon check out the list above and if you got some courage, choose something you like!

World’s Weirdest Unique Nail Art Designs


Coral nail art design

Honestly, I see no corals on your nails, sweetie ! I would use these nails as forks maybe, a way better idea!


Icicles nail art design

I would say icy toothpicks but…who cares as long as the result is fabulous. I was thinking… how many hours did she spend to get these polar nails design?



Hippie art nails design

For me, those hippie models look like tattoos, but I guess she is just a Bob Marley lover !


Dead insects nail art design

If you don’t like insects or you hate bugs, then this is your last chance to run away, because you’ll see something that you probably make you feel a little uncomfortable. I find a little macabre to save already dead things, but some women … don’t!

We already talked about how women are ready to do anything for a perfect look, but would you have an extreme manicure? Or a crazy hair style? …. I would keep my hands clean if I were you…but still, there are women who love trying weird stuff like putting a dead scorpion on their nails! Yeah, you heard right, a DEAD SCORPION! Check it out!

a. Dead Yellow Scorpion nail art design

b. Dead mosquitoes nail art design

c. Dead Wasps nail art design

d. Praying Mantis wings nail art design

e. Dead Butterfly Wings nail art design

f. Snakeskin nail art design

If I made you curious, here you have a video about a real dead scorpion manicure!


Flowers and Gardens nail art design

Ok, so you love nature, flowers, green color and you find peace laying on a grass, on a hot summer day! Have you ever thought that you can show to the world what you love by having a special manicure?

Have you ever thought that 3D nail art design can no more be a secret to you? Well, now you can see some 3D flowers and gardens nails art designs! Super cool!

a. Flowers bouquet nail art design

This woman seems to be pretty upset about her nails! I guess she asked for a little flower on her little finger and this is the result! Sorry girl, next time choose your beauty saloon better!

b. 3D Roses nail art design

A bucket of pink roses… So romantic! If your boyfriend doesn’t buy you flowers, you can have your own! Who needs a man anymore, heh?

c. Grass nail art design

Since winter is almost here if you wear this nails you would feel the spring coming so much earlier!

d. Summer flowers nail art design

This nail art design is too rigged out for me! But hey, it’s not always about me, you guys can try it if you want to be chased by bees! Haha… not funny!

e. Flowers Garden nail art design

Living in a flat? Always wanted a flowers garden? This is how a resourceful woman will handle it ! Why buy a house for a garden when you can have it on your nails! Cool idea, right?

f. Mushrooms nail art design

Want to grow your own mushrooms farm? Now you have the chance… Maybe you can’t eat them, but you’ll surely be fabulous!

Now you have the chance… Maybe you can’t eat them, but you’ll surely be fabulous!


Continents nails art design

I don’t know about you, but after all those strange nails art designs above, this one kind of chills me down! It’s weird, impressive, and you need some imagination to create a design like this, but I guess now she can say that she has the whole world on her finger!


Edward Scissorfingers

That must have been incredibly impractical but it is so freaking cool. Those who would try such a crazy manicure, I wish you the best with trying to eat with them or picking your nose!

Since you cannot try this at home by yourself, I’ll show you something more practicable that includes an Edward Scissorsfingers manicure. Check it out!


Nails machine gun

Wow, this is a very cool nail art design to try! But… wait! Can you pass through an airport with this nails? Never mind… As long as you are fancy!


Eye Opening Nails Art Design

Ok… This is creepy! That starring eye makes me feel uncomfortable! I only can think about this creepy thing! ( don’t judge, I’m weird too)


100 Coats of Acrylic nail art design

It is said that this kind of manicure is the newest trend in nail art design… and as creepy as it seems to be, many women actually tried it! I find it really odd and I definitely prefer to keep my old classic manicure on!

If you wish to try it, here you have a tutorial about 100 coats of acrylic nail design!

Weirdest DIY Manicures – DYI Nail Designs

Now that I have shown you the weirdest nail on the planet, let me show some less odd DIY manicures that you’ll be able to try yourself at home! Being different is not bad at all, so don’t be ashamed to share with us if you ever tried something peculiar…ish,  and you felt good about it!

Check out the list below!


Caviar Nail Art Design

This is the kind of nail art design I would choose for a date night, or maybe for a very sexy dress. It’s really easy to combine such a refined manicure with a perfect simple night makeup and … maybe some champagne!



Candy Floss nail art design

Are you a chocolate or candy fuss lover? Well, here is a mouthwatering manicure! Would you try it? I would, but I probably end up eating it, ha ha!


Strawberry nail art design

Can you see the green leaves? Let me tell you they’re real! And this is a super cool and a super interesting idea for a summer manicure. The color contrast is such a great choice!


Furry nails art design

This type of manicure is kind of peculiar, but in my opinion, it would fit with a fluffy things lover! My nose already tickles me!


Cigarettes nail art design

Can’t really say if this is a pro or against smoking manicure, but it’s really cool! I don’t know if everybody will agree her way of showing a vice, but it still deserves a try!


Weird long nails design

Ok… those nails are more of a horror show than awe-inspiring art! I find it really hard to even simply wash your hands… what about scratching your nose or going to the bathroom? God, some people are really weirdos! But here, we are too 🙂


Duck feet nails art design

Duck feet? Really? Why don’t we start using chicken feet, at least it will be funnier! Maybe good for swimming? Meh, a dislike from me at this one! Neeext .


Needles nails art design

This manicure will perfectly fit with a rock-ish outfit! It’s a cool idea, but are those needles safe? or you’ll have an unpleasant situation to sting with them?


 Monsters nail art design

Love this cartoons! If you still feel kind of childish, try this funny manicure, because it will bring a smile on your face! (and others, definitely)


Breaking Bad nail art design

Do you have a favorite TV show that is stuck in your mind? Do you watch it over and over again? This girl has to be pretty ardent for Breaking Bad!

P.S. : If you didn’t watch Breaking Bad, turn on your Netflix and don’t miss it!

I know this article had scared you a bit because you have seen almost all of the weirdest nails art design in the whole world! But if you have enough courage and you feel like being different, sometimes, feel free to choose one of the manicures above !

Those nails art designs are weird, funny but also fabulous, so share this article with your friends and let us know if you’ll ever try such thing! Let’s see how many of you weirdos will try one of the most bizarre and unique nails art designs!

You thought what we presented until now was weird? Do you want extremely weird nail designs? One word: Nailympics!
Nailympics is an Olympic contest where nail artists show their skills in creating the most peculiar nails designs based on different themes chosen by organizers. Check the most amazing and impressive nail designs on page 2!

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