20 Most Unusual Strangest Halloween Costumes for 2016

The 2016 list of the 20 most unusual and unique, but also weirdest, strangest Halloween costumes ideas for the oddest Halloween ever!

You will really stand out of the crowd with these costume ideas, which, honestly is pretty hard today! (or tonight, if it’s Halloween day already…).

Some are DIY, some you must buy (or ‘borrow’…)

No inspiration for a new unusual but strange enough Halloween costume?!

I know! Well, let me tell you that Halloween is about being funny but unique, scary and even creepy, weird aaand even sexy! (tho it’s not the case here)  so, I picked up a few guys and girls that had no idea about how ridiculous they looked (!), until they found themselves on the internet with the ”WEIRD” tag.

Let’s have a look and be amazed by a list with the weirdest unusual (and I really mean it!) Halloween Costumes ever (well, maybe until next year… but still!)

  1. The Confined Alien Head

This guy is creepy! How did he do that? That alien looks so real and it kinda makes you wanna skip giving him candies…Mate, you got some WEIRD ideas about Halloween!

2. The DOLL Man

The DOLL Man Halloween Costume

This guy probably will send you some chills down on your spine! This type of costume is certainly SCARY for kids, ODD for us, and an AWESOME invention for him!

3. The Toilet Girl

The Toilet Girl Halloween Costume

I think the parents of this girl are in the mood for having fun of their daughter! Who would dress his child in a toilet? Haha, this is hilarious… and peculiar!

4. The PumpkinMan

The PumpkinMan Halloween Costume

This guy had no problem with picking up a Halloween costume! This is the definition for last minute handmade (DIY) Halloween costume! haha, so funny, dude!

5.  Baby carrying Man

Baby carrying Man Halloween Costume

Ugh, who would have taught that a man can carry a baby like that? I will give him some candies for the interesting idea he had…

6. The Mirror Man

The Mirror Man Halloween Costume

Woow, this is some weird art stuff! A guy covered in mirrors? Is anyone feeling fancy for Halloween? Go see this dude! Pretty really sharp, and I guess this idea will bring him a lot of joy and… pretty girls checking their hairstyle? I see what you did here…

7. The Red Monster… Creature

The Red Monster... Creature Halloween Costume

This guy is a combination between Jurassic Park and Alien vs. Predator. I imagine he loves Halloween so much, if he bought (or blackmailed his wife to do) such a „nice” costume…

8. Man with chopped off Body

Man and chopped off Body Halloween Costume

Is this even possible?! Look how happy he is for this strange idea he had and for the candies he will eat… but not poop, of course! Holding the trunk of your body in your hands… well that’s what I call free legs! This is the kind of costume that will scare the hell out of people on Halloween!

9.The Scary 4 legged walking… Thing

The Scary 4 legged walking... Thing Halloween Costume

It is called ‘The Thing’ because no one knows what this costume represents. It is weird, crazy, scary and also hard to be dressed …I guess!

10.The Huge Mantis

The Huge Mantis Halloween Costume

Hey there green bug! You are weird but at least you are smiling…. Trick or treating will be hard for you at that height…but hey, you can always kill the people. More fun then the candies anyhow…

11. Headless Man carrying his head

Headless Man Halloween Costume

Well, this is a creepy costume my friend! Kids must be terrified by you…or simply won’t know to to salute first… the head you hold in the box, or… the body. I guess you are the winner of ”the happiest headless guy in the world” prize, cuz you got a pretty big smile in that box!

12. Father carrying alien baby

Alien Father Halloween Costume

Carrying your bastard alien baby with your…guts? Really? Most of the men hate to carry their babies…. This guy seems really „happy” with his little ‘cute’ one! They make the perfect match for a trick r treat.

13. Long-nailed sea woman

Long-nailed woman Halloween Costume

Such a bizarre outfit you got dear sea lady! How are you going to eat candies with those long nails…?

14. Real Live Fishbowl Head

Fishbowl Man Halloween Costume

Wow! that’s freakin’ awesome! What else can I say – this dude had an awesomly creative idea, but what was he thinking about?! Bubbles and sweet fish? Look how hilarious he is ! He can’t sing, he can’t talk, eat or breath normally! This is just too weird, even for a Halloween night!

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