Amazing Dogs Trained To Help Humans

Amazing Dogs Trained To Help Humans

As the old saying goes, a friend in need is a friend in deed, and what better friend to help humans in need if not dogs? These amazing animals have been dubbed man’s best friend for a reason, and after seeing how much they can help, you’ll agree that dogs are indeed awesome animals with a great deal of devotion. Have you ever heard of a dog doing your shopping?
Would you let your dot withdraw money from the ATM in your place? Most of us would most likely answer no way Jose, but some people depend on dogs to do human chores due to the fact that they can’t do it themselves. Let’s have a look and see just how many amazing human chores, trained dogs can do.

Meet Byron, a golden retriever who makes his owner’s bed, does her grocery and helps with the dishes. Why does he do all that? Because his owner Kate Cross can’t do all that. This amazing dog’s owner suffers from Ehlers Danlos syndrome which impairs her to move because of the facts that her joints are extremely weak. With her condition, even opening a door could dislocate her shoulder.

Luckily, Byron is by her side being her friend in need and doing the laundry, the shopping and any other human chores we take for granted. Byron was trained by Canine Partners a charity which has matched many assistance dogs to people who need their help.

What exactly does Byron do? Well, after his owner wakes up in the morning, this doggy helps her into her wheelchair, then rushes to the fridge to get Kate her breakfast. After that he even does the dishes, with the aid of the dishwasher, of course, but still, pretty amazing!

After the morning chores are done, this awesome dog accompanies his master to the supermarket and he will pick up every item Kate has on her grocery list, with the money that he got from the ATM: “He can do such amazing things – he takes my bank card and reaches up to put it into a cash machine, and takes the cash when it comes out, and passes it to me – all I have to do is put in my pin number.”

Lets have a look at some pictures of how amazing Byron really is:

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And if you liked to see the pictures of Byron, have a look at this awesome video of Byron helping Katie in day to day life.

Here’s Jesse, a Jack Russel Terrier, who, despite his small size, can also make the bed and do your shopping. Remember, size doesn’t matter, no mater how small you are, all you have to do is want something.

Dogs which help people with disabilities are truly amazing, they can be trained to do almost anything. What’s even more surprising about them, is the fact that they are so very devoted to their owners.

And just so you know how amazing dogs really are, have a look below and watch a dog trying to safe another injured dog. This puppy risked is life, went out in the middle of the highway and tried to save his peer. He didn’t know he was just too late to help his buddy.

And to end this article on a happier note, have a look below and watch how a human helps his dog eat like a proper sir, with a fork and knife.

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