Coolest Coffee Shops In The World

Coolest Coffee Shops In The World

The morning coffee… some call it the best moment of the day, it’s the time when we just take a moment to relax and gather our strength for the rest of the day… well some people decided to take coffee to a whole different level, the tree level for example… wouldn’t you like to have coffee in a tree? Or maybe you’d like to go back to the future and enjoy a cup… We have a collection of some of the most amazing and cool coffee shops in the world. Take a look and see where you want to go buy some coffee some day.

1. Tree Coffee in Naha Harbour

This odd Japanese tree house is actually a coffee shop… and it’s placed 20 feet  above ground in a tree… unfortunately,  it’s not a real tree but the idea is extremely cool. If you’re wondering how to get to it… you should know it’s pretty modern with a tough of antique: it had a built-in elevator and a spiral stair-case, which ever you prefer, and once you get there, you can enjoy a lovely ocean view…

2. Seva Cafe, Ahmedabad India

Judging by its name, there seems to be nothing special about this one… except the fact that when you get there, everything is free. Neither of the items on the menu has a price, everyone gets to choose how much they pay for what they get. It’s all based on the concept of love and inter-human solidarity. They cook and serve with love and the peron pays however much he considers it’s worth. Lovely!
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3. Wash Coffe, Germany

Wash your laundry and enjoy a cup of coffee in front of the tv… all that in a coffe shop in Munchen, pretty cool. They sure make you feel like home.

4. Back to the Future, Chicago.

If you’re looking to go back to the ’80s  and enjoy the scenery, all you have to do is go to Chicago and visit this weird coffee shop that pays tribute to th emovie with the same name.

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5. Vampire Cafe, Tokyo

If you’re tired of the same old decor , try going to the Vampire Cafe. It’s decorated like the House of  Horrors and you might get a chill… and it’s not from the coffee.

6. Indy Coffe House, Hong Kong

What’s so special with this one? Well it’s all about coffee art. The bar tender makes extremely beautiful coffee designs which you can see in the .

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7.  Di Vang Cafe

We saved the best for last… this cafe in Vietnam is extremely cool… because the waitresses serve the clients wearing nothing else but bikinis. Now that’s what we call good service. Take a look at the .
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