Meet The Dog With The Longest Ears In The World

Meet The Dog With The Longest Ears In The World

At a first look at this black-and-tan coonhound, one couldn’t help but notice that he’s got his own set of wings. Unfortunately, good old Harbor can’t use his colossal ears to take off and fly like Disney’s Dumbo, but his ears did bring him world recognition as the dog with the longest ears. Curious to know how long they are? Well we can tell you that his left ear measures 12.25 inches and the right 13.5 inches, hence this dog is the canine which now holds the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records for the Dog with the Longest Ears.

But having these huge ears has also been a burden on poor doggy, when he was just a puppy, he used to trip over them and roll down the stairs. Now that h’s 8 years old and fully grown, the pure breed no longer has problems when it comes to getting around the house, but when he goes for a walk in the park, he’s bound o turn a few heads, as a matter of fact, lots of people have even stopped their cars to take a better look at the humongous ears and even take a picture.

If you’re into curious facts, you’re gonna find it interesting that this odd dog’s ear span is longer than the world’s smallest man, Junrey Balawing, from the Philippines, who’s just 23.5 inches tall.

So if you wanna see this wondrous dog, have a look at the pictures and .

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