Giant Mummy Finger Unearthed In Egypt

Evidence That Giants Once Roamed The Earth: 38 cm Long Finger Found In Egypt

Have a look at this giant mummified finger… it’s 38 centimeters/13.8 inches long and it was discovered in Egypt. Now just imagine, according to official calculations, the human (or alien) who owned the finger must have been at least 20.7 feet or 6.3 meters.
What’s the story behind the giant finger you ask, well information is still scarce, but what’s certain is the fact that this amazing discovery was made in 1988, in Egypt by “renown” family of grave robbers.

The amazing discovery makes everyone wonder if the finger really belongs to humans, cause judging by its impressive size, it looks like it might have belonged to some sort of alien life (who knows, maybe the pyramids were indeed created by alien lifeforms, such as giants.)

The 15 inch long mummified limb is not available for the public, since the person who owns it does not wish its family legacy on public display. The pictures of the amazing finger were taken by a lucky photographer named Gregor Spörri. The nature loving “doctor: went on an expedition to Egypt in order to search for the finger and eventually recover it back in 1988.

Sadly, he wasn’t able to convince the old grave robber to sell it, but he did, however, take a few spectacular photos of the mummified evidence of giants sometime roaming the Earth’s surface. The pictures cost him 300 US dollars, but it was totally worth it. Spörri even managed to take a picture of an X-Ray attesting to the authenticity, and they revealed that the giant remains are indeed real, with the same bone density as regular humans.

Although the photos were taken in 1988, hey haven’t been published until now. Why is that so? The answer is quite simple yet very saddening: every scientist that saw the photos, said that there is no room for giants in our current scheme, be it evolutionary or not. Since this never-before-seen artifact does not fit in well with any of the already well-established and documented theories, it could, therefore, not be real. Just imagine how many other discoveries have been swept under the rug simply because they were inconvenient for our modern theories…

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Did Giants Really Exist?

The Bible has a lot of passages attesting to the existence of giant beings, as well as a lot of other holy books of different faiths, not to mention of the multitude of myths and legends all over the world, but is there any tangible proof of the existence of these mythical creatures?

Well, throughout the years, especially in modern days, people claim to have unearthed the remains of giants all over the world.

The most amazing and shocking discoveries were made in India, where the remains of some giants were allegedly unearthed in a remote archaeological site. Just have a look at the pictures and be amazed.

As real as these photos may look, they are nothing more than a hoax! They were part of someone’s contest submission for best tricked images. It won third prize…

Another ancient burial ground for giants has been discovered in Africa, in a remote village near Rwanda.

So it seems that so far, the only tangible evidence of giants really exiting on Earth lays in the hands of an old grave robber from Egypt, and the worst thing about it is that scientists have no access to it… Hopefully that will change in the future. Do you think giants really existed, or is it just a Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale?

Below you can watch some videos of the remains of giants on Earth

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