How Many Pets Would You Need To Power Your Home?

How Many Pets Would You Need To Power Your Home In an Emergency?

Are you equipped for an emergency? How would you get electricity if a hurricn hit your city leaving all of it in the dark with a huge blackout? Forget the backup generators, flashlights and candles and direct your attention to your pet!

Yeah, you read that right… you pet can produce enough electricity to power your home. Do you wanna know exactly how many cats, or other pets it takes to power your home? All you have to do is enter the size of your house and the pet of your choice in our calculator, and we’ll do the math for you.

So how many pets would it take to power your home for a day?

Cats: It would take six cats running at full speed to power your house for a day.
Dogs: It would take one greyhound running at top speed about 17 minutes to power your house.
Hamsters: It would take 765 hamsters running at a reasonable 2 miles per hour to charge your house.
Birds: It would take 1,105 canaries flying at a reasonable 15 miles per hour to charge your house.
Lizards: It would take 31 Bearded Dragon lizards scurrying at about 25 miles per hour to power your house for a day.
People: (not that we advocate having people for pets) It would take an average-sized male running for about 10 hours and 20 minutes to power a house.

Read more on the whole process here.

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