Best Halloween Themed House Decorations – Trends 2014


7. Ghost Halloween House Decoration Theme

Halloween is the night of the dead, ghosts and spirits, so the Ghost Theme is one of the favorites of many people. It’s simply to accomplish using white sheets. But also, you can cut spirits shape in cardboard and stick them on the windows. Using a dim light, the shapes will cast on the outside of the house cool ghosts shapes. 

When making ghosts out of materials, try using translucent materials and fluorescent sticks underneath them. This will give a nice glowing effect to your ghosts. 



You can also use chicken wire to create see-through shapes that resemble ghosts and figures. 



8. Aliens Halloween House Decoration Theme

A cool idea is to transform your yard into an Area 51 zone or a place where a “UFO” crashed. 

This will require a lot of work and materials, but the results will be amazing. 




9. Monsters Halloween House Decoration Theme

The monsters are up to one’s imagination. There are many types of monsters you can create, and it depends on the creativity of the persons who decides to decorate the house in his unique style. 

You can post monster stickers on the windows or make the house look like a giant Monster House. It’s up to you. 




10. Frenzy Halloween House Decoration theme

However, not everyone wants to stick to a single theme. The following examples are a frenzy of Halloween decorations. 

Check them out.





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