Best Halloween Themed House Decorations – Trends 2014

4. Spider Halloween House Decorations

One of the coolest traditional decoration themes for your house is the Spider theme. This theme will never get old. Placing some webs made of old curtains or laundry sheets around the house and some cool spider have a cool frightening effect. You can also use strings or rope. 

The following amazing ideas will help you out.





5. Graveyard Halloween House Decoration 2014

No one likes to spend time in the graveyard, especially in the night. Some people are scared that they might meet spirits, ghosts or zombies who come out of the graves. So, a cool idea for Halloween it would the Grave Theme. 

Next to tombstones made of plastic, carton or rubber, you can place hands that come out of the ground or hang white cloths that resemble ghosts or spirits. 



6. Awesome Halloween House Digital Decorations

The next tips might be a bit expensive and require less work. Placing some spooky digital displays at the windows will make your house look creepy and cool. All you have to do is pick a few frightening images or videos, and they will do the job.

Check out this amazing cool house. 


Below you can watch a video about the Halloween Flatscreen TV and Projection Effects  from AtmosFEARfx.

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