Awesome Invention Air Conditioned Jackets

Awesome Invention Air Conditioned Jackets

Who would’ve thought that fashion and science will join forces in order to produce such a great and awesome invention? Researchers in Japan don’t spend all of their time cooked up in laboratories coming up with the next tiny robot or super futuristic piece of technology, they also work on practical, environmental-friendly inventions which help us stay comfy and cut back on the electricity bill. The latest gizmo they cam up with is a shirt with a built in air-conditioning device. Granted, the jacket does make you look a bit chubby, but the advantage is that you can stay cool in the hottest situations.

Cool Biz is the Japanese government campaign meant to persuade companies to lower the electricity consumption thus contributing to fighting global warming.

These air conditioning clothes have built in fans with ten centimeter diameter which are attached to the back left and right sides of the jacket, right above the waist line.

There are two types of clothing available: the jacket which comes in both long and short sleeve, and also, a long-sleeved blouson. To those who love cotton, you should know that only the jackets comein 100% cotton, where as the blouson comes only in 100% polyester. The fans run solely on rechargeable AA-size nickel-hydrogen batteries making this the most eco-friendly type of clothing there is.

So if you are interested in saving the environment, fighting against global warming and just looking and being cool fell free to buy one of these fashionable jackets which rangein price from $110-$150.

Take a look below and see which model suits your tastes best.

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And below you can watch the amazing air conditioned jacket at work in a video about the usage of such a marvelous invention.

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