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Norman – The Awesome Bike-Riding Dog

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Norman is an awesome sheep dog that can ride a bike, a scooter, a skateboard and last but not least… a surfboard! You may think that sheep dogs are just good a herding sheep, but there’s no rule saying that he can’t herd his sheep while riding a bicycle or other such “vehicles”. Check out the awesome Norman, the dog who can ride a bicycle right here.

Meet Norman, a famous sheep dog that’s taken Hollywood by surprise with his amazing abilities to ride bicycles, scooters or even surf the waves. Oh yes, Norman can do all that and he can also herd his sheep! Come to think of it, Norman can do a lot more than most of us can. Also, apart from the outdoor activities, this cute sheep dog also has impeccable manners! Norman wipes his paws before entering the house, he opens and closes doors, and last, but not least, Norman wipes his beard off after he has a drink. That’s a lot ore than a lot of other people do!

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Norman is two-year-old Briard, a French herding dog, and he lives with his owner, Karen Cobb in South Carolina. As you all know, when your dog needs a work-out, the best way to tire him out is taking him to the park, throwing a couple of sticks and Frisbees, then heading back home. But that’s not the kind of work-out Norman fancies. This pup likes to get on the bike and start paddling!

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It took Karen 10 weeks of training to teach Norman how to use both of his back legs alternatively in order to create the pedaling motion and move the bicycle. The hardest part in getting the pup to learn how to ride a bike, was the fact that he kept outgrowing them. But Norman didn’t start off with the bike immediately, oh no. The pup first began his adventure with a children’s scooter: he was taught how to push it, and now he’s really good at riding a scooter too.

You can observe his scooter moves in the :

The main purpose of drawing attention on Norman is his owner’s struggle with puppy mills. She strongly encourages all of Norman’s fans to stop getting animals from mills, and adopt one or two of the many homeless animals in kennels or from the streets.

Here’s a video with Norman’s take on puppy mills:

Norman bike riding dog 4

Norman is now 3 years old and he can ride a bicycle, a skateboard and even a surfboard. See this awesome puppy doing all of these cool actions in the pictures and videos on page 2:

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