Aura Pack – Super-Cellophane Keeps Fruits & Veggies Fresh for Months

Aura Pack Cellophane Keeps Fruits & Veggies Fresh for Months

A new super Cellophane has been invented and it keeps veggies and fruits fresh and moist for months! We often deal with the fact that the veggies and fruits we buy will go off in the fridge before we even have time to turn them into a delicious meal, hence having to throw them away… well, that ordeal is over now with the new Aura Pack.

Aura Pack was developed by Japanese company Belle Green Wise and it promises to extend the shelf and transportation life of fruit and vegetables. This amazing cellophane reduces the water evaporation that commonly occurs with wrapped produce, hence reducing the condensation which contributes to decay.

The film also inhibits the respiration of the produce as it degenerates making the environment more stable for the vegetable, thereby reducing bruising. Pretty neat, wouldn’t you agree? Check out the amazing Aura Pack below:

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