Amazing five headed snake

Amazing Snake with Five Heads

A five headed snake found in Infosys Campus, Mangalore, Karnataka.

First i said : That can’t be real ! is

We know what you may think, it’s a photoshop fake, and at a first glance anyone might be tempted to think the same, but take a second, or even a third look, heck take as many looks as you want, cause this is probably the weirdest thing you’ve seen lately, a five headed snake has been observed in an Indian temple at Karnataka. Even tho polycephalic snakes sound like something we’ve only heard in mythology, it is not as uncommon as you’d think to see a two headed snake. But a five headed snake is just too weird. Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself.

Animals with more than one head have a congenital condition called polycephaly, in lay man terms, they have many heads. From what has been documented, animals with more than one head are divided into two categories: three headed animals and two headed animals. Up until now, the only books that mentioned five headed animals are story books. But take a look at these amazing photos of a five headed cobra found in India. Coincidently or not, Hindu epic books tell the story of such incredible reptiles, but once again, nothing was ever proven. Now cast your eyes below and see for yourself the wondrous and amazing five headed snake.

Below you can watch a short video with this amazing five headed snake.

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Update: Another amazing snake was found on march 2012, this one is three headed (India, but some say Nepal too):

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