Amazing 3D Tattoos

Most Amazing 3D Tattoos

Tattoos can be both crazy and amazing at the same time. Check out some of the most amazing 3D tattoos and body art.

Body art by Chooo-San:

Chooo-San is a 19 year old student who amazes people with her bodyart. She shocked everyone with random body-parts painted of different limbs, and also, with some really amazing! They were not digitally altered, just acrylic paint an a lot of imagination.

And below you can see some more amazing 3D tattoos:

3d tattoo butterfly
3d tattoo on arm
3d tattoo on back


3d tatto book

3d tattoo music

3d tattoo eye

Check out the most amazing tattoo ideas in the :

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    1. jessie tasker says:

      hello there my name is jess, i am here looking at these with my friend gaynor and we are amazed by what we are seeing, some of them are a bit strange, like having an extra pair of eyes tattooed on your face,, ??? why ??? lol wel anyway im gonna carry on looking now,, keep posting please they are amazing x

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