Weirdest Competitions In The World

The World’s Strangest Competitions

Check out some of the strangest competitions in the world. People like to compete, and as we all know, a little competition makes us all more productive, but some people come up with the strangest ideas for challenges and competitions.
We have a list of the world’s weirdest and most bizarre contests for people to compete in. So,if you’re looking for the weirdest competitions in the world, let’s check them out.

Forget about the Olympics, there are other competitions that will give you the adrenaline rush that you are looking for. Check them out below.

1. Worm Charming Championship

Did I hear anyone asking for worms? Well, if you did all you have to do is go and sign up for the worm charming competition in the village of Willaston, near Nantwich, Cheshire. It started in 1980 with an established world record of 511 worms charmed out of the ground in half an hour by record holder Tom Shufflebotham.

Charmers welcomed and accepted from all the corners of the world to part-take in a 30 minutes frenzy of banging and stabbing the soil with pitchforks in order to entice the worms out to the surface.

Do you think you have what it takes to win this competition? Have a look at the and see a real Worm Charming Championship:

2. Nettle-eating Championships

Do you have a taste for the extreme? Well if you do, then the nettle eating competition is for you. Every year, people gather round to nibble on some nettle. Now we know you’re probably asking yourselves why would anyone eat raw nettles… Well, some people do it yearly as part of the nettle-eating competition in Dorset, England.

The competition brings together contestants from New York, Australia, Northern Ireland and Belgium and what do they all do you ask? Well, the challenge is to eat as many nettles as possible in one hour, and as if that weren’t painful enough, the contestants only have beer to quell the stinging mouth. Ouch!

Watch them compete in the :

3. Midget Throwing Contest

The Midget Throwing also known as Dwarf Tossing, began in Australia back in the 1980s. The contest started out as a bar joke in which dwarves wearing padded clothes or Velcro costumes were thrown on mattresses or at Velcro-coated walls. Whoever threw the midget furthest, won!

Check out a video of dwarf tossing contest below:

4. Extreme Ironing World Championships

You may be thinking why on Earth would anyone wanna iron a shirt on top of a cliff? Well, back in 1997, an English man named Phil Szomszor finally had to face his most dreaded weekly chore, namely ironing! It was a sunny day outside so he set up his board outside, in the garden and started ironing. When a friend of his asked what he was doing, Phil simply replied: “Extreme ironing”. And from that day, without even realizing it, the Leicester local had invented a new weird sport.

So, since 1997, there is no excuse for you to get “board” (excuse the pun) while doing this previously boring chore. The official Extreme Ironing website describes this bizarre competition as “an adrenaline sport which combines the thrill of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt”.

Locations for extreme ironing are often really extreme, with contestants ironing on cliffs, in forests or canoes, while skiing or snowboarding and even from the depths of a frozen lake… And we count on people’s inventivity to come up with even more crazy spots to iron a shirt. Check out some amazing pictures below, of extreme ironing.

Below you can see some extreme ironing videos:

5. World Bog Snorkelling Championships

Bog snorkelling is bizarre contest coming from Great Britain, which consists of people completing two consecutive lengths of a water filled trench cut through a peat bog. The idea is to finish your two lengths as soon as possible, but wait, there’s a catch! Contestants must wear snorkels and flippers, they are not allowed to use normal swimming strokes, thus relying solely on flipper power. Wanna jump in?

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