5 Twins Born Apart after a Long Time

5 Incredible Stories of Twins who were born separately after months! Baby twins born apart are a rare thing, so it’s quite amazing and really interesting that delayed interval twins actually exist. You’ll get the chance to see these 5 unique stories of twins born days, weeks, and months apart!

Giving birth is a blessing, and only women can understand the real feelings about carrying a living being inside you for 9 months. That special moment doesn’t come, however, until you go through the whole awful, wonderful process of labor and delivery. There will be hard kicks, mistakes and surprises along the way – nobody really warns you about that.

In this article, some mothers had really wonderful surprises during delivery! The weird thing is that this is actually possible… and how often this miracle can happen? Wondering what am I talking about? Well, the so-called delayed interval delivery is a rare phenomenon when twins are born separately after a period of time. Isn’t that such a surprise for a mother? … maybe not a good one for a moment…or more, but if everything goes well, nothing is more beautiful than giving birth! (right…?)

Now comes the big question… how far apart can twins be born? Is it a few minutes or maybe hours? Let me tell you that Guinness World Record for the “longest interval between the birth of twins” is 87 days! Yeah, you read right… a pair of twins were born 87 days apart! Isn’t that incredible? Below I’m going to present you the most known stories of twins born separately after a period of time, as I’m sure those cases are going to amaze you!

Delayed interval twins



Kate and Amy Elliot – Girl twins born separately – 87 days apart!

Maria and her husband Chris had a really nice surprise in 2012. They have 2 children Olivia 17 and Jack 15, but 4 years ago they found out that 2 new members are going to join their family: Maria got pregnant with 2 girls and they were thrilled about it!

The happiness was all around them and the pregnancy went well until at 23 weeks and five days in May, when Maria went into labor. It was an early labor and everybody got scared about it (the story of the woman who gave birth to a mummy was ringing in their heads!), because the babies were too small to come to this world. She was in a pretty bad shape for two long days before Amy, the first twin, came to this world with four months before the due date on 21 September. Amy was dangerously small and everybody was worried about her survival. They were expecting contractions to continue, but there we go… the contractions stopped and Kate was still in her mommy’s belly!

All the doctor were stunned because they’ve never seen something like this. It was truly a rare phenomenon that twins to be born separately. Maria said that she felt horrible and was frightened about what could happen, because nobody had an explanation. For the rest of her pregnancy, Maria stood next to Amy praying that Katie will be healthy and both girls will survive this experience.

As the birth certificate will show, Katie and Amy are two miracles of twins born months apart! It took five weeks, more exactly 87 days, for Maria to gave birth to Katie. Everybody was stunned and thanked God both girls were in good condition in the end. The twin girls got in Guinness World Record for the “longest interval between the birth of twins”.

Here are the birth certificates of these Irish twins born months apart

Here you have a video with the beautiful family and their two little miracles!

On the other more extreme side, we have the conjoined twins


Carl and David Cowan – twins born separately after 39 days

Elene Cowen is the mother of two healthy twin boys born 39 days apart! She delivered Carl at 24 weeks on January 20, and David Jr. at nearly 30 weeks on March 28. Elene and her husband were truly excited about having twins, but no one told them how scary it will be the long labor and the delayed interval delivery!

Speaking about long labor, check: Indian Woman Who Gave Birth To 11 Kids At Once

The frightening experience of giving birth to her twins born weeks apart has left Cowan extra thankful for all they’ve been through. Her experience started when she and her husband flew back to Missouri, from South Africa. Within hours, she didn’t feel right and wondered if she was dehydrated. Shortly after, the contractions started. She got really scared because the babies were too small to be brought into this world so the doctors managed to keep the babies in their mommy’s belly for another week. Her labor was stalled for a week when … surprise! She only gave birth to Carl. After giving birth to Carl, her contractions stopped and Cowan’s labor came again only in late March when David was born!

Probably felt like a ghost baby?

The babies were both born healthy, even if small problems appeared meanwhile. Elene and David are now happy, enjoying every day with their twins, Carl and David Jr.

Congrats Mom, you did a great job!

Here you have a video about Elene and David’s story, the experience they’ve been through when their twins were born separately after 39 days.



 Harley and Sadie Paull – twins born 31 days apart

Danielle Paull experienced a delayed interval delivery,  and the result was experiencing two miracles. She and her husband Matthew were thrilled about having twins but they did not expect to go through such an experience. On 26 October 2016, Danielle started to have contractions which were truly scary for her.

That day, Matthew took Danielle to the hospital where their little girl Sadie was born at only 24 weeks. Doctors were worried about her survival, but Sadie was a fighter and the fact that she was kept inside a $100,000 hi-tech incubator helped her grow stronger.

After 31 days apart, Sadie’s brother, Harley, was born healthy and ready to meet his parents and his sister. Danielle told her story and tried to explain that such experiences are truly unforgettable and incomparable with any other thing you might see in your life.



Alexandre and Ronaldo Antunes – twins born 24 days apart

Lindalva DaSilva, who was pregnant with twins, and her husband Ronaldo Antunes had an unusual surprise! Their twins were born 24 days apart but they were strong, healthy and ready for this world! Courageous, like these babies born during flights

Lindalva went into labor at the very early point of 24 weeks, and her doctors were very concerned that the babies are going to be too small to survive. The delayed interval delivery scared both Lindalva and her husband because they didn’t know what to expect. After the first twin, Alexandre, was born, Lindalva’s contractions stopped and the labor slowed. Neither Ronaldo nor Lindalva knew what to believe about the strange thing that happened, but the doctors explained them this rare phenomenon.

After no less than 24 days, Alexandre’s brother, Ronaldo, joined his family! He was born on March 26 at 28 weeks gestation.

They are now a happy family, with healthy children, but they surely won’t forget the amazing experience. Check out the where you can get more information about Alexandre and Ronaldo who were born separately after 24 days!



Evan and Brielle Gullickson – twins born 17 days apart

Alyssa and Scott Gullickson have a unique story to tell about their twins. Two years ago, the married couple had an early surprise about their babies delivery! Evan and Brielle were born separately after 17 days, and even though they scared their parents a bit, everything went well.

Alyssa Gullickson was a self-described extremely cautious mom-to-be and she didn’t expect for the babies to come earlier in such a weird manner. Evan was the first born twin and Alyssa managed to bring him into this world without any painkillers after 36 hours of labor. Evan was born at week 23, on 18 July, as a healthy baby, even though he was very tiny (super tiny, if you compare it to world’s heaviest baby). The birth of Evan came with few problems because, incredibly, his intestines were outside his body – but the doctors saved the situation! Thank you, doctors!

After 17 days, at 26 weeks of gestation, Alyssa started to have powerful contractions again. The doctors induced her into labor, and, after 29 hours, Brielle was born. The twins were able to go home exactly four months after Evan’s birth, but they needed medication all the time, and a careful care.

Even though the twins birth was so unusual and hard, in 2016 they celebrated 2 years from the event, being healthy, and every family member is happy to have 2 miracles around them!

Every mother knows that the moment of giving birth is the most emotional and unique thing in this world. Not every strange thing that happens to us is bad… because as you saw, sometimes weird scary things are actually miracles!

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