UFO Dives Inside a Mexican Volcano

UFO Goes Into an Erupting Mexican Volcano

UFOs are always strange, but when an unidentified flying object goes inside an erupting volcano, it causes a lot of amazement amongst UFO enthusiasts and not just them. The bizarre incident was caught on camera over Cerro Altzomoni in Mexico and it’s strange to say the least. A cigarette-shaped UFO is seen diving into the Popocatepetl Volcano, 40 miles south of Mexico City. Find out more information about the huge, volcano-diving UFO right here.

UFOs have been making themselves seen throughout the ages, but it seems like UFO sightings in 2012  are becoming more intense, not sure if it’s because of the supposed upcoming end of humanity in December 2012, or because of the fact that more and more people have video cameras on their mobile phones, hence enabling them to record any extraterrestrial activity… Whatever it is, on thing’s for sure: it’s becoming more and more obvious that UFOs and aliens most likely exist and they’re apparently visiting Earth more and more often.

According to the reports, this strange phenomenon was recorded on October 26th, 2012 in Puebla, Mexico. Cerro Altzomoni. The footage of this amazing event was taken with a camera which is used to monitor the volcano’s activity, but it is not a live camera. It takes live photos of the volcano every 3 seconds.

As seen on the footage from the camera, the UFO was only recorded in 4 shots before going into the volcano. Notice that the color of the supposed UFO is similar to that of a cloud. A lot of believers in the existence of UFOs, state that UFOs can change shape and color in order to have a better camouflage to their surroundings, and be less obvious for the Earth inhabitants.

The mysterious object, shown in the video has determined significant media attention. Some say that is might be a meteor, while others strongly believe it may be an alien spacecraft entering its base inside the volcano. An UFO believer stated that he had been watching the volcano for a long time, and he states that this is not at all the first time a UFO enters the volcano…

Of course, as always, the opinions are divided in two: believers and non believers. Former FBI Special Agent Ben Hansen declared that

There’s a tendency to quickly sign off on the video’s legitimacy. The problem is that, at this moment, we don’t have an exact pedigree detailing the video’s original source and the hands through which it has passed

The cylindrical unidentified strange object that’s going into the volcano is a really huge UFO. An rough estimate based on the video states that the UFO is 200 meter wide and 1 km long… Does that thing even fit in the volcano?

Check out the video of the UFO below, and decide for yourself if it’s a real gigantic UFO or not.

And below you can check out a few videos of UFOs going into the Sakurajima Volcano, which is allegedly very frequently visited by aliens:

And a newer case below:

Remember the 2010 volcano eruption in Iceland (yep, the one that paralyzed air traffic for a really long time)? Well, there seems to be a UFO story in there too. A v-shaped unidentified flying object was caught on tape by the news helicopters. Check it out below:

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