Amazing Real Robots

Amazing Real Life Robots

Robots really are amazing considering the fact that until recently, they were looked as science-fiction material. Well, nowadays, robots are gaining more and more territory everyday, while scientists develop even more amazing robots to come to our aid in various tasks.
Modern technology has developed robots which will son be able to replace humans in day-to-day activities. Let’s check out some of me most amazing real robots up to date.

1. Pentagon’s New Mechanical Horse

The developers over at Boston Dynamics continue their struggles to improve their previous efforts with Legged Squad Support System, the robotic quadruped whose ancestor was a robot named Big Dog. The new version is designed to come to the aid of the US marines.
What’s so cool about this version you ask? Well, this new and improved is now able to follow the squad lead. Yes, you read that right, he can follow humans all on its own. This amazing robot doesn’t need require remote control for its action.
Also, it’s smart enough to follow paths and work in tandem with his robotic siblings.
Unlike cars or trucks, the robo-horse can travel through any rough terrain and will carry 180kg of payload and travel 32km without refuelling. It will carry more than 45kg of cargo per Marine in the squad.

We don’t quite get why they call this robot a horse, cause he looks nothing like one… but hey, they know best. Have a look at the robot in action in the :

See an amazing life-like bird here.

2. Remote-control cockroaches

The simple thought of a cockroach crawling on you grosses most people out, but if you’re caught under the rubble of a crashed building, the sight of one of these bugs might seem like the light at the end of the tunnel! Why, you ask? Well, scientists have created a special outfit for a cockroach: a high-tech backpack which allows humans to remotely control where the bug scurries.

Of course, search and rescue robots are already in use, and they did a great job in finding victims of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. But this invention is much more helpful, as its creators declare:

“What we do is we insert tiny electrodes to the antennae and we send low-power pulses to them.

The pulse simulates the antenna feeling an obstacle, such as a wall, causing the cockroach to turn the other direction. Buzz the left antenna, the cockroach turns right; buzz the right one, the bug turns left.

Spurring the cockroaches to scurry forward comes via a sensor on their rear end called cerci which senses if there is a predator trying to reach from behind. When they feel something, they just go in the forward direction to run away from the predator

See a video of a demonstration with a cockroach being controlled by this wondrous device:

See more mechanical bugs here.

3. Cyborg Bugs

The American scientists are on the verge of making a break-through as far as cyborg insects are concerned. A team of researchers has developed a special kind of battery which is fueled by the chemical processes that normally occur inside an insect’s body. From there the battery is ready to power the different robotic attachments on the insect’s body.

Daniel Scherson, a chemist of the Case Western University and also the leader of the research team declared that these insects’ use is unlimited: they could fly into a room and measure the gas level of the room, or espionage and many, many more uses. The goal now is to make the battery as small as possible so that the insect’s flight and movements are not impaired. See a demonstration below:

4. Autonomous earthworm robot at MIT

We know what you’re probably thinking: All these robots seem pretty gross, and why in Thor’s name are they taking gross insects and turning them into robots, well… it’s because they have a great advantage: small size! Their size allows these amazing robots to be put to a lot of good uses. Have a look at the earthworm robot below:

5. PETMAN Robot

PETMAN is an anthropomorphic robot created especially for testing chemical protection clothing. and compared with his predecessors, he has a great advantage, namely: PETMAN can balance itself and do free moves like: walking, crawling and a variety of suit-stressing calisthenics during exposure to chemical warfare agents.

See him in action below:

They are indeed amazing, but make sure you check our new list for 2016’s latest robots

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