Sky Go, The Awesome Talking Window

Talking Window Invented for Advertising Purposes By Sky Go

Train and subway users will be amazed by the awesomeness of the new Sky Go talking window. Scientists have found a way to turn a simple vibrating window into an awesome advertising method. Whomever leans their head onto a window in a train or subway in order to rest a bit after a long day will hear a message that no one else around can hear, all that thanks to the talking window. Find out more about it right here.

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Creativity is a must when it comes to advertising, but the Sky-Go talking window takes that to extreme. You’re probably curious to find out what we keep talking about when we say talking window, well, it is a new possibility of advertising. UK mobile streaming services provider Sky Go is now targeting tired people, who are tired from a long day’s work, and rest their heads on the windows of the train or tube.

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The mobile company teamed up with BBDO Düsseldorf, who designed a new audio add, with the aid of “Bone Conduction”, a technology which transmits high frequency vibrations through a small device. These vibrations are processed by our brains, which give us an audio message saying:

“Are you bored? Get SkyGo for your mobile, best entertainment of live sport, when you want it, where you want it”.

What’s the catch? The only one who can hear it, is the person whose head is leaning on the window.

sky-go-talking-window 2

Would you be scared to hear such an advertisement? While some might call this a great and innovative ad campaign, others will call it an intrusion into the privacy of our thoughts. What do you think about the awesome talking window? Would you like it if a window started talking to you out of the blue?

sky-go-talking-window 1

Have a look at the , and see how the intriguing Sky-Go talking window works.

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