Scariest and Funniest Halloween Pranks

Some Of The Scariest And Funniest Halloween Pranks Ever

Halloween is coming up and you have to see the scariest pranks other people have made in order to “trick or treat” your friends… We have collected some of the best and scariest Halloween Pranks for you so have a look and get creative this Halloween, your friends are in for the scare of their life.

Scary Halloween Pranks

1. Michael Myers Scaring People at a Movie Theatre!

Imagine you’re going to the movies, you’re with you better half, or with your friends and it happens to be Halloween… You go towards the movie room and BOOM! a masked stranger attacks you with a huge knife! What do you do? I don’t know about you, but I’d be really sacred, and maybe a few screams would be involved too. Have a look at the , Michael Myers decided to put on a scary suit, grab a fake knife and scare the heck out of unsuspecting people… You should try this prank, but try it on someone who knows you, you wouldn’t want a stranger calling the cops on you!

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2. Halloween Chainsaw Massacre Prank

3. Spooky Trick-or-treater

So imagine this next situation: you’re in your home, stocked up with a lot of candy for the trick-or-treaters, and you go out and give candy to the masses, but when you finish a group of kids, a strange, skeleton figure just sits in front of your door, and won’t leave even if you fill his bag with yummies… You now have a problem… The Halloween Monster won’t leave your door, all it does is stares back at you… If you don’t know how you’d act, have a look at the and see how these people dealt with the situation:

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4. Vampire attack scary prank

If you didn’t think that the pranks you just saw were scary enough for you, have a look below. A car was chased by a police van, but the cops didn’t pull them over, just passed by. A few miles up ahead, you see the same police car, and the officer on the ground! What to do, what to do? Well, maybe the fact that the 2 vampires who attacked the policeman and sucked his blood are chasing you might scare you a little bit… Check out a cruel Halloween prank below:

5. Kids Scaring the heck out of their Dad On Halloween:

This dad has some clever kiddos! They stuck police ape on the door, messed the house up, added a few crime scene tags around a bloody kitchen knife… and simply waited for their dad to prank him. How did good ol’ dad react? See below:

6. Scary Bush person:

How would you react if you were walking along the street, minding your own business, and the bush jumps out to grab you? See how other people reacted to that:

And if these weren’t scary enough for you, check out some of the scariest Halloween pumpkins!

Funny Halloween Pranks:

1. Skeleton coming to Life Funny Prank

Let’s imagine you’re out trick-or-treating on Halloween, and you get to a house with tons of candy at the door for your delight. Next to the candy, you see a sign advising you to leave candy for others too, don’t take it all, or a lot… What do you do? Do you take a treat and leave, or do you wait for the LIVE SKELETON to attack you as a punishment for your greediness. See how some people reacted when they were faced with this funny Halloween prank.

2. Korean Girl – The Ring costume

This Halloween prank is quite funny… A girl dresses up like the crazy-cu-cu bad person from The Ring, stands outside a door and waits for unsuspecting victims… Sadly for her, the prank has a twisted ending… check it out

3. Writing on The Mirror – Funny Halloween prank.

If you want to give your friends a good scare on Halloween? All you have to do is , you will be shown how you can freak people out in their own homes:

4. Jimmy Kimmel Challenge: I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

This is my favorite Halloween prank! Jimmy Kemmel told the parents to trick their kids into believing that they had eaten all of their Halloween Candy. The results? A lot of funny, annoyed kiddos! Have a look below and see for yourself.

5. Have a look below at a funny compilation of Halloween Pranks, maybe you’ll get an idea of what you wanna do this year for Halloween:

6. Halloween Prank Gone Wrong

This prank was gonna be great, a guy in a scary costume hides in the garbage can, and is meant to jump out of it in order to scare people. Seems like a good idea, but something went wrong! See what happened below:

And as a bonus… we have a puzzle for you, all you have to do is follow the red dot through the maze, seems easy, doesn’t it? Let’s see if you can do it:

This last video was so scary, that even the pumpkins are grossed out! Check out some of the grossest, yet inventive Halloween pumpkins.

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