World’s First Bionic Eye

Amazing News: World’s First Wireless Bionic Eye

Blindness can soon be a problem of the past with the newly invented wireless bionic eye. A team of scientists from Australia has developed a bionic eye that consists of a part which is implanted in the bran, and an exterior component, similar to the new google glass. Curios to find out more?

Wireless Bionic Eye 1

Scientists have developed a new technology through which a microcip implanted in the brain and a digital camera which is connected to a pair of glasses, will allow visually impaired peope to see the outlines of their surroundings.

Wireless Bionic Eye 2

In the eventuality that this bionic eye succeeds, over 85 percent of the people who have been legally declared blind, could be able to see again.

Wireless Bionic Eye 3

Professor Mark Armstrong from the Monash University declared that:
“That signal is then transmitted wirelessly from what’s called a coil, which is mounted at the back of the head and inside the brain there is an implant which consists of a series of little ceramic tiles and in each tile are microscopic electrodes which actually are embedded in the visual cortex of the brain.”

Wireless Bionic Eye 4

Wireless Bionic Eye 5

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