Blizzident 3D Toothbrush

Cool 3D Toothbrush Cleans Teeth In 6 Seconds

Blizzident is a cool new 3D toothbrush which will clean your teeth in 6 seconds. The astonishing invention is actually made with a 3D printer, and it will fit your teeth perfectly. Instead of brushing for 2 minutes, two times per day, you can now get perfectly clean teeth in mere seconds. Read more to find out how you can get one.

3D printers are awesome and they never cease to amaze us with what they can do. The new Blizzidentis 3D toothbrush is just one of the cool products a 3D printer can make, but so far, it is the most useful.

blizzident 3d toothbrush 1

The 3D toothbrush is printed after your dentist scans your teeth or makes a mold, (a standard procedure for complex tooth procedures such as fitting braces. The scans/molds are sent to the printers, and your own personalized toothbrush is printed. The innovative utensil is extremely precise and it will clean your teeth in just 6 seconds (I know we keep repeating this, but it’s just too cool!)

blizzident 3d toothbrush 2

How does the 3D Blizzident Toothbrush work?

The fitted model is simply inserted in your mouth, and your teeth kinda brush themselves. All you have to do is put a drop of toothpaste on your tongue, rub it on your upper teeth. It will mellow down and reach your lower teeth. From this moment on, you just have to bite the toothbrush for 6 seconds and you’re done.

blizzident 3d toothbrush 3

This new cool invention will eliminate the many brushing errors we all do, from not brushing the full 2 minutes (we know you don’t, no worries, we won’t tell), to the errors caused by faulty (sleepy) toothbrush handling.

blizzident 3d toothbrush 4

Unfortunately, the awesome 3d toothbrush is still in the works, and scientists must improve it, but it is presumed that it will be sold for $299. Don’t pani about the price, this toothbrush needs changing just one a year. So, if you were to use regular toothbrushes, which the ADA recommends you change every 3 months… you’d be just about in the same price range.

blizzident 3d toothbrush 5

blizzident 3d toothbrush 6

blizzident 3d toothbrush 7

blizzident 3d toothbrush 8

You can watch the coolness of the 3D toothbrush in this video.

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