Top Haunted Forests Of The World

Top Most Haunted Forests Around The World

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Forests at night are spooky, but haunted forests are spooky both in daylight and nighttime! We have a top of the most haunted forests in the world and we’re sharing it with you. Few people have dared to venture into such places, and those who have and lived to tell the story were terrified of what they had seen. How important is the mythical part, and how much truth there is behind the world’s most haunted forests.

It’s true, there’s not a horror movie that goes by without at least one spooky forest scene in it. We see stories on the news about people choosing to end their lives in the woods, and on top of all that, we have woods and forests that offer shelter to ancient burial places… Let’s face it, if there’s one place where you don’t want to be in during the night, it’s a forest.

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That being said, let’s check out which forests from around the world you absolutely do not wanna visit if you’re scared of ghosts… cause these woods are haunted, and it’s not just a myth.

1. Screaming Woods, Pluckley, Kent, UK

Screaming Woods England

Pluckley is a village in the Ashford District of Kent, United Kingdom. Now, upon reading that, you would say that there’s nothing out of the ordinary about it… Well, you’d be wrong, cause it is assumed to be the most haunted village in the United Kingdom (no, seriously, it hold a spot in the Guinness Book of Records as the “Most Haunted Village in Britain”). Next to the village, one can find Dering Woods, which are also known as The Screaming woods on account of the numerous terrifying screams that can be heard from it late at night.

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Ghostly Events?

– terrifying screams of those who got lost and died in the woods
– sinister footsteps in dense woodland
– a ghost solider seen walking on the path in woodlands
– a Colonel of the 1700s hanged himself in the woods and has been seen dangling form a tree
– Steve, of Ghost Hunt Events declared that:

“a farmer spirit energy was present, another male energy came forward to touch and move the guests as part of the séance. His name was Michael and he had dark hair and a stocky build”

See a ghost hunt held in these woods in the :

2. Aokigahara, Japan

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Aokigahara forest is also known as the suicide forest. Since the 1950s, there have been reposted over 500 suicides in those woods, and since the forest is also known as the Sea of Trees, due to its grander, you can imagine that there can be even more undiscovered deaths in the woods found at the base of Mount Fuji.

“Aokigahara is considered the most haunted location in all of Japan, a purgatory for yurei, the unsettled ghosts of Japan who have been torn unnaturally soon from their lives and who howl their suffering on the winds. Spiritualists say that the trees themselves are filled with a malevolent energy, accumulated from centuries of suicides. They don’t want you to go back out.”

See a ghost hunt in the :

3. Old House Woods, USA

Old House Woods 1

This haunted forest is located in Mathews County, Virginia, on the bay area of Tidewater.

Ghost activity in the area:

– ghost ship floating over the woods, with men coming down from it, while carrying tools
– reports of headless ghost dogs
– skeletons in knight armors
– ghosts of pirates in the bay area

Old House Woods 2

Still frame of odd light obtained on video in the haunted forest

See a ghost hunt in the Old House Woods.

4. Ballyboley, Northern Ireland

Ballyboley, Northern Ireland

This forest is about as haunted as it gets… It is considered to be an old druid site, but that’s nothing compared to the bizarre events and sightings in this forest.

Weird hauntings in this forest:

– human-like silhouettes dressed in brown rags roaming about
– suspicious and frightening moans
– rocks and trees smeared with blood
– people mysteriously disappearing into the woods, never to return again

5. Hoia Baciu, Romania

Hoia-Baciu forest 1

Now if there is one spooky place you don’t want to be in, while visiting Transylvania… (no, it’s not Dracula’s castle) it’s the Horia Baciu Forest. People who have visited this ghostly place often complain of nausea, skin burns (without sun exposure) and intense head aches.

The entire place is considered some sort of Bermuda Triangle on land, but at the same time, it is a portal to another world. In the center of the forest lies a circular place where all vegetation is dead.

Hoia-Baciu forest 2

Paranormal activity in this haunted forest?

– a shepherd and his flock of 200 sheep simply vanished into thin air after venturing into the forest
– a woman also disappeared into the forest, but unlike the shepherd, the woman came out, without any notion of time. She had no idea for how long she was gone or what had happened to her while she was gone. If that weren’t enough, inside one of her pockets, she carried an ancient intact object!
– UFOs flying over the woods
– mysterious footsteps and noises

That being said, we hope that if you want to venture into the woods, you might take into account that ghosts are a serious business…

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