How to See the Invisible Things around Us

4. How to make visible objects invisible… or visible!


Water’s supposed to visually enhance objects, right? Yes. That’s what normally happens due to water’s refraction angle.


Usually, light reaches our eyes through the air. According to Physics StackExchange, the angle from which light in water reaches your eyes is larger (1.33) than in air (the air’s index of refraction is 1). Thus, the angular size to your eyes is larger, increasing the perceived size of the object at hand.

But take a look at this bottle.

Water in Glycerin

Closely watch the bottle to the right. Now you see me, now you don’t.

Shocking, right?! It just makes the bottle invisible. Wondering what could it be? Is that bottle an actual bottle or is there a trick to this entire image?

Mate, honestly, all the tricks I’ve done with liquid actually involved bourbon… or gin… or other shots.

But, how do you magically and amazingly make a bottle invisible? With GLYCERINE!


Glycerin can make bottles disappear. Why? Because glass and glycerin have a similar refractive index. So basically, the light towards our eyes comes from the
same place. The images, then, get the eye confused. Isn’t this purely awesome?

How to make glass bottles invisible?

Put them in glycerin. Not just bottles, but any kind of transparent glass. 😉

5. How to see augmented reality


Since we’ve solved all the easy mysteries – such as making water bottles invisible or being able to see microwaves, “nowadays invisibles” are a bit more complicated, more complex… and more amazing, actually! Revealing more is now based on Augmented Reality.

Pokemon Go Augmented Reality

Aww, look at how cute he is… 

Yes, Pokemon Go – the big sensation – is AR based.

Pokemon Go Augmented Reality Oh, this one’s quite the picture poser 😉 

Another absolutely fantastic example is this first AR Museum App! Technologically speaking we’re heading towards interacting more and more with information in all forms possible. AR supports this by allowing you to see a lot more than your eyes could capture at the first glance.

Here’s how we’re visiting museums today.


Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Visiting a museum has become about interactivity and dynamics. There are objects that fall apart so you can see what a vintage radio is made of. There are QR codes with additional information on the exhibited pieces. Everything is about revealing more!

Here’s other examples:


IKEA’s AR App allows you to view the furniture directly into your room. How amazing is that?

augmented-reality-app architecture

This was Sara – world’s first AR architectural App that would, for instance, show you how a building had looked or will look like (if a new plan was in order) and a lot of other details only by holding their phones up.


Re+Publlic is an app that revitalizes New York walls, by telling you the wall’s story and placing artwork there. Stunning! 

Here’s another example of how an AR app can help a business interact easier with its customers.


Wikitude Studio is one of the most popular AR editors. You’ve just watched how a Skateboards store owner has implemented an AR app to make his products and store more interactive. Awesome to the very least!


How to see even more of your unseen environment?

Download the AR app and just put it in front of you. Simple as that. Now delight in how it enriches your experience!

What other AR apps have you heard or know of? Let us know in the comment section below.

Also, don’t be shy… tell us what was it from this article that impressed you the most? If we know what you enjoyed we can come back with more. Or even develop an AR app to do that for us… Who knows?


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