Giant Ant Hill Megalopolis Discovered In Brazil

Giant Ant Hill Megalopolis Discovered In Brazil

Scientists have unearthed one of the most amazing anthills ever found, which can easily compete with the Great Wall Of China, as far as complexity and architectures is concerned. The megalopolis city constructed by ants consists of highways, gardens, pathways and many more human architectural elements. One could easily think that this mini city in Brazil was created by humans.

But no! This masterpiece was designed solely by ants… Magnificent creatures, wouldn’t you agree? How was this amazing discovery made possible you ask? Easy… with the aid of 10 tons of cement which was poured in the air conditioning “pipes” of the giant anthill.

After pouring the cement, the team of scientists lead by professor Luis Forgi, waited for an entire month for it to dry, and began unearthing the city, just as any other archaeological site.

The results were amazing! The army of ants must have had an astonishing human-like coordination when building their huge home. he colony has even been refereed to as a “superorganism” due to the fact that they were so thorough when organizing the city.

The cementing stage took ten days just to pour the material down the labyrinth of channels, which had to fill an area of 500 square feet and extended to 26 feet below the surface… simply mind-blowing.

Have a look at what some little insects can do… Perhaps, we’re not as smart as we think we are:

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