World’s Biggest Pearls Ever Discovered

A 2016 list of 4 biggest and largest pearls ever discovered, or the heaviest pearls in the world! Needless to say, they are also the rarest pearls in the world!

We made a top with the world’s biggest pearls. Including images, of course.
top biggest heaviest pearls in the world
So let’s start our list with the number one on our top, which is the [new] biggest natural giant pearl ever discovered.

  1. Bayronic Pearl, the new ‘star’.

wtf clipartI can start by saying that it is truly massive, with a colossal weight of 34 kg! (74.9 pounds) (yeah, it’s NOT a typo!)
What about the size? That’s also colossal! a staggering 30 cm (1ft) foot wide and 48 cm (2.2 feet) long!
What about it’s value, you ask? Well, the largest natural pearl it’s worth $100million!

 Yeah, that’s what I also said…

Just like in the movies, a fisherman found it 10 years ago, in the waters of the Palawan island, Philippines.

Are you ready? Behold the new world’s largest pearl is exposed!

biggest heaviest pearl in the worldNow hold your horses, don’t start saying this is old news, because it ain’t. He kept it tucked away at home, as he didn’t know what it is.
So how did this huge pearl got to see the light in 2016? Seems that an unfortunate event was actually a fortunate one – a fire started in his home, so the fisherman was forced to move it, to clear the property. A tourist told him that this could be a huge pearl!He then handed it to the tourist office in Puerto Princesca.

They could verify it and confirm that it was created in giant clam (that must have been one tremendous clam!)

giant shell clamThat’s how an empty clam shell looks like. They rarely create pearls, so this discovery is truly amazing!

Giant clams, like the one that created this awesome huge pearl, can reach lengths over 1 meter (4 feet) and weight of over 200 kg (500 pounds).


2.  The pearl of the king, which weighs about 9 kg.

Now the main attraction in Boracay Island, Philippines, along with its original shell. Business tycoon Richard King, the owner, said that it came from a Giant Clam Tridacna.the pearl of the king ex largest pearl


3. Pearl of Allah, also know as the Pearl of Lao Tzu, with a weight of 6,4kg, estimated value of $35 millions.

Was also found off Palawan, Philippines, in 1934. It left the country, and it is currently on exhibition at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in New York, USA.

The-Pearl-of-Lao-Tzu most expensive pearl

Because it was discovered such a long time ago, it has been verified as the largest in the world, and it was the record holder for a long time (hat off for this old wise pearl, looking like a brain…)

pearl-of-allah-side gian pearl

wtf question markOne may ask why ‘Allah’ ? well, that was the original name, because of the human-like features on the pearl (do you see them…? )ere believed to be a miraculous representation of the Prophet Muhammad, the messenger of Allah…

So beacause of it, people believed its some sort of  Mohammad representation. For those who don’t know, that is the messenger of Allah.


4. The “Palawan Princess” weighing 5 pounds (2.27 kg or 11,340 carats) is one huge non-nacreous baroque pearl, also discovered from the giant clam Tridacna gigas, and, yet again, off the coast of the Island of Palawan, Philippines.

If you wonder why there, again? we can tell you it’s because that is the natural habitat of the giant clam.


palawan princes huge pearl

So what are you waiting for… let’s go and fish some huge pearls!

Yeah, definitely take your high boots…

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