3D Printing Pen – 3Doodler

3Doodler – Awesome 3D Printer Pen

3Doodler is the first pen in the world which can make your drawings directly in 3D. This amazing invention can turn all of our imagination into reality, and all you have to do is draw whatever goes through your mind. This invention is indeed the closest thing to magic, so if you’re curious to know how it works, and where you can get it, stick with us.

3d printings 1

The future is right within our reach, and it’s as easy to reach as picking up a pen and drawing. The 3Doodler has taken Kickstarter by surprise when instead of the $30 000, WobbleWorks raised a total of $892,028 (till the moment this article was published) in donations for it’s amazing new invention: a pen that prints your designs in 3D. All anyone needs to do is press a button and let his ore hers imagination run wild while drawing in three dimensions.

3d doodle house and eiffel tower

WobbleWorks is a toy company which posted its newest project, 3Doodler, on the famous Kickstarter website on Tuesday, February 19th, and within one day, it had already surpassed it’s goal sum of 30 thousand dollars. As you can see from our previous lines, the sum raised is more than ten times bigger, more than enough to insure that we will be playing with this impressive 3D printing pen petty soon.

3D Printer Pen Artwork

We’ve probably all heard by now about the fascinating “Makerbot Replicator 2”, a 3D printer that once it receives an image file from a computer, it melts down a whole lot of plastic, and starts painting the image it received in 3D. Well, 3Doodler is just a little bit similar to that. It also uses plastic as a raw material for the designs, but it is a lot less precise, as you can see from the doodles in the pictures.

3d doodles

How to Use 3Doodler?


The 3Doodler lays hot plastic strips onto a surface, and from there on, you can do whatever your imagination tells you. The official instructions from the founders of WobbleWorks say that:

“If you can scribble, trace or wave a finger in the air you can use a 3Doodler.”

You can also use it to repair any plastic materials, and if you go to any online big retailer, you can get kilos of 3 millimeter plastic strips and doodle for the rest of your life, cause it uses very little plastic.

3d butterfly print

See more pictures and videos of 3Doodler on page 2:

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