3D Printing Pen – 3Doodler

How much does the 3Doodler cost?

If you’re amazed by this fascinating product and you want to get one of your own, all you have to do is go to the Kickstarter page of 3Doodle and make a donation of $75. For that sum, you will get your very own 3D Printing Pen, and two bags of plastic printing material. But given the enormous amount of people interested in having their own 3Doodle, the price will soon decrease drastically, and most likely, 3Doodler will go into massive production. (YAY!)

3d printing pen 3d doodles

3d printing pen

When can you get your 3Doodler?

The first production units promised to arrive around September! So hang on folks, you will soon be doodling into thin air in no time.

See the 3Doodler in action in the :

You can also see it in the :

human faces 3d printing

flowers 3d doodle print

3d printing pen 3d doodles

3d firefly

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