Amazing Cathedral Made From Thousands Of LEDs at Belgium’s Festival of Lights

Amazing Cathedral Made From Thousands Of LEDs at Belgium’s Festival of Lights

Mother of illumination! Have a look and be amazed of this very impressive construction which dazzled every single one of the visitors who went to Belgium for the annual Festival Of Lights in Ghent.

This astonishing cathedral is the work of Luminarie De Cagna (an Italian lights company), stands 91 feet tall, it’s made entirely of wood and 55.000 tiny lights. The all LED cathedral mixes Romanesque and Renaissance architecture and it’s zenith is 28 meters tall.

If you’re thinking “what a waste of energy!” stop right now, cause the massive construction only consumes 20 kilowatts of electricity per hour, because of the very economical 55 thousand LEDS. 2012’s Lights Festival has a pretty joyful theme, namely “Happiness”, so rejoice and visit Ghent, Belgium for the most amazing lights you’ve seen yet!

And let’s have a look at the videos below. The show of lights is absolutely amazing!

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