Coolest Banana Sculptures

The Coolest Banana Sculptures Ever Seen

Sculpting bananas is not easy, but some people make cool masterpieces out of these fruits. Let’s see which are some of the coolest banana sculptures ever.

The two things which make banana sculpting are the fruit’s fragile texture and the fact once you mess up, you can’t fix it with spare material, all you have to do is start over on a new banana. Luckily, some people still have the patience to make banana sculptures. Have a look at the banana sculptures below:

Alien character:

alien banana sculpture

A castle sculpted out of a banana

castle banana sculpture

A God rising his chariot and horses made out of bananas

cool banana sculpture 1

A fearful mask made from a banana

cool banana sculpture 2

Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean sculpted in a banana

cool banana sculpture 3

cool banana sculpture 4

A random bearded man made out of bananas

cool banana sculpture 5

Banana sculpted Darth Vader

darth vader banana sculture

Cool dragon made out of a banana

dragon banana sculpture

Cool banana sculpture of Homer Simpson

homersimpson banana sculpture

And here’s his wife Marge Simpson, also neatly sculpted in a banana:


Here’s a frightening shark banana sculpture

shark banana sculpture

Davy Jones

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