What Happens When You Boil Coca-Cola?

Boiling Coca-Cola – Cool Video

Coca Cola is tasty and controversial, and apparently, you can put it to many uses. But what happens when you boil it? Check out the cool video right here.


Did you ever think of boiling a bottle of Coke? Well someone has! And the result is not pretty at all. After boiling the Coke from one bottle for 25 minutes, a black gross slime is left on your pen. Basically, all of the water evaporates, and leaves behind all of the additives and chemicals.

boil coca cola 2

In China, this slimy, yet cool-looking left-over is used as a medicinal remedy. The fructose syrup and the rest of the Coke ingredients, along with ginger and lemons are used to alleviate different ailments.

boil coca cola

It is true, that Coke is not healthy to drink, but boiling coke seems to have a lot of good purposes. For example, if you have a dirty pan that just won’t get clean. Just boil some Coca Cola in it, and it will be as good as new.

boil coca cola 3

Take some fresh ginger and put it in a pot with a can of Coca Cola. Let it come to a boil and then cook on a low heat for a few minutes. Drink while warm. It will ease your cold symptoms!

boil coca cola 4

Below you can see the video of what happens when you boil Coca-Cola:

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    1. cdnbacon says:

      boil any sugar long and hot enough and you will get the same result. and the brown liquid you get after the water is gone is the same stuff you get in fountain soda.

    2. dasvish says:

      Yep, caramelization. Grandma in the 80’s (went through the great depression) taught me this trick. Hehe. Sugar and water, works well.

    3. I do this with Dr. Pepper and use lemon slices in it as a kind of hot tea when I have a bad cold or sore throat. Learned to do this from my parents and grand parents. I didn’t boil it for as long as in the video shown though.

    4. jenniferlyn says:

      If you saute 1lb of boneless chicken breasts in 1 can of coca cola (NO substitutes!) and 1/4 cup soy sauce, it makes the easiest and most DELICIOUS “teriyaki” flavored chicken ever! (it smells kind of rank while cooking, but it is YUMMY!)

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