What Goes On In 60 Seconds Online?

What Goes On In 60 Seconds Online?

In 60 seconds, a normal person takes 16-17 breaths, the average heart beats 75 times, one may blink around 10 times… a lot of things can happen in one minute, but have you ever wondered what goes on in the great world wide web in just 60 seconds? Well we’ve summed up every amazing aspect that happens in just one minute on the internet. Now we know you didn’t think you were alone out there in the big internet world, but here’s a reality check to see just how many people you’re sharing the internet right this minute. Did you know that in 60 seconds:

  • Google processes more than 694.445 searches;
  • On Flickr alone, people upload over 6.700 pictures;
  • More than 25 hours of content are uploaded to youtube;
  • Facebook processes: 510.040 comments, 695.000 status updates, 79.364 wall posts.

  • 70 new domains are registered;
  • Twitter registers 320  new accounts, and 98.000 tweets
  • People download iPhone applications more than 13.000 times
  • Tumbler records approximately 20.000 posts;
  • Users download Firefox over 17 thousand times
  • WordPress blogging platform is downloaded 50 times
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  • Almost 100 new accounts are registered on LinkedIn;
  • Skype has over 370.000 online calls
  • More than 1.500 posts are written on different blogs.

It’s no wonder that facebook and Twitter are battling for supremacy in numbers of posts per minute, but it’s amazing how Tumblr and Scribd have drastically lost users.

Below you can see a funny pie chart that illustrates just how people spend their time online.

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