Weirdest Cats

5. Lola the Handstand Cat

Lola the Handstand Cat

Meet Lola, a kitten that defies all odds and she even defies gravity… She has a congenital defect: her hein legs are paralyzed, and are twice as long as they should be, but that doesn’t stop her! Check out her full story in the :

6. World’s Ugliest Cat

world s ugliest cat 1

Nope, this is not a hoax… Uggs (short for Ugly) is the star of the town he lives in, and all because of his gruesome looks… he has been dubbed the wrld’s ugliest cat, and after you take one look at the pictures and videp, you’ll see why.

Worlds Ugliest Cat 2

7. Rocky The Standing Cat

Rocky The Standing Cat

You don’t need to adjust your screen, this is indeed a standing cat… He can stand for a full minute, and you wouldn’t even notice him moving. Check out a video about him below, and watch Rocky stand:

8. Cat with the Golden Fangs

Cat with the Golden Fangs

Feline fangs are supposed to curl inwards, but Sebastian’s canines were curled outwards, so he received a tooth implant… two golden canines were implanted in Sebastian’s lower jaw, see the procedure below:

9. World’s First Bionic Cat

Worlds First Bionic Cat

This cat was a medical break-through! Check him out below:

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