The World’s Tallest Water Slide: Insano, Brazil

Tallest Water Slide in the World: – Insano in Brazil

The world’s tallest water slide is as tall as a 14-foor building. This scary slide is suggestively named Insano, and it is not for the faint of heart. The incredibly tall water slide is located in Brazil, and if you are planning on visiting it, you better check out these pictures of the world’s tallest water slide, right here.

Insano Brazil 1

How tall is the world’s tallest water slide? The Insano is 41 meters tall, and whoever has the courage to go down the terrifying slide, will catch an amazing speed of 65 mph. Despite the hair-rising height, the whole slide doesn’t last more than 5 seconds, but it’s gonna be the most exciting 5 seconds ever.

Insano Brazil 2

The Guinness Book of World Records acknowledges Brazil’s Insano as the tallest water slide in the world, so it is not just a publicity stunt, to get visitors, it is the real deal. The humongous construction was built back in 1989, and no one has ever built any water slide as tall as Insano, ever since.

Insano Brazil 3

People come from all over the world to slide down the monster ride, and what most of the daredevils who have dared to try it, declare that:

When you slide down, you basically fly because the fall is too steep so you’re in mid-air for most of it.

Insano Brazil 4

After the full 4 or 5 seconds going down the slide, the sliders fall into a big pool in order to catch their breath (literally).

Insano Brazil 5

So, if you’re planning a vacation in Brazil, and you happen to have some spare time, pay a visit to Fortaleza in north-eastern Brazil to visit the world’s tallest water-slide. It’s gonna be the scariest 41 meters of your life, so be sure you pack your courage too.

Insano Brazil 6

Insano Brazil 7

Have a look below to see some videos of the tallest water slide in the world.

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