The Origin Of The Weirdest English Words

The Origin Of The Weirdest English Words

Have you ever wondered what serendipity is? Or maybe you’d like to know where the word PIMP comes from. Well we’ve put together quite a line-up of interesting things about some of the weirdest English words. Perhaps you’d be surprised to know that spam is a word made up to describe an electronic devices that floods different e-mail addresses with useless information. Spam is also a rand of canned food. Take a look at our top ten weirdest words and find out the story behind them.

Spam: no other nation has designated, or made-up a word just to describe an electronic messaging system that continuously sends out emails that flood our inboxes.  The term has rapidly spread-out to junk-mail we get through real life mail too, and of course, spam has been adopted by every country and has become an international word, but few know that there’s a brand of canned food also named spam, coincidence? Some think not.

Auto tuned

We’re all pretty familiar by now with the synth robot-like noises which e’ve been hearing from singers the past decays. In the past it used to be like: you either have the voice or you don’t in which case you should get off the stage, but all that changed when the synthetic sounds were introduced in the music industry. Now, there’s even a word invented for it, namely: auto tuned voice this adjective designated to describe a faint, false voice which is made to sound perfect with the help of digital art.


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Bromance is a term used to describe a very powerful, non-intimate, non-sexual and non-romantic relationship between  two or more men. The word is a retro term, so we don’t really hear it very often these days, but none the less it was very popular in the ’90s.


Sounds like something a turkey would say right before heading towards the Thanks Giving diner table. Well, for all we know,it might even be such a word, but it’s also a word used to describe a text that has so many jargon words that it’s hardly comprehensible. Gobbledygook was invented in 1944 by Maury Maverick and it’s considered the hardest  word to translate.


The term Kitsch has its origin in Germany and is used to describe a tacky, cheap copy of a valuable object.


Facepalm: hitting your forehead with your palm in order to express exasperation. You do it, we’ve done it and there’s a 90% chance we’re gonna do it again.The term is very popular in the United States where it originated, but it’s been imported by other countries to, due to the fact that it’s the best gesture to express exasperation.


The verb pimp, not the noun, in rough terms means to decorate. The term has been made popular with the aid of different TV shows such as Pimp my Ride. Even tho pimp has its origin in hip-hop, the verb managed to leak into commercial mainstream.


Serendipity was voted “the hardest word to translate” in 2004 by a group of prestigious British translators. Even so, the word was exported to many countries as the perfect word to describe a happy unexpected and accidental finding, whether it’s love or money or whatever people always wanted and unexpectedly received.


Trade-off is a fair trade between two people, they exchange objects o the same values,both the parties are well aware of both the advantages and disadvantages.  If we were to translate this word in to any other language, one would use at least 5 words to exactely describe its meaning.

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