The Most Intelligent Toddlers In the World

Smartest Toddlers of the World – read about the incredibly intelligent 3 years old girl (the most intelligent youngest girl in the world) and other two super intelligent toddlers

Read below about the amazingly smart girl:

Alexis Martin is only 3 years old and lives in Queen Creek, Arizona. At first glance, she looks like a normal girl of her age. In fact, she is one of the smartest toddlers in the world. 


She seemed normal to her parents until she started to recite the entire bedtime stories exactly. She was using the same intonation too.

The doctors tested her intelligence. She scored no less than 160 IQ points. She is one of the smartest kids in the world 


The fact that she has an IQ of over 160 points is impressive since the average person has an IQ of only 100. She has the same IQ as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Nicolaus Copernicus. 

Isn’t that amazing?


The intelligent toddler got accepted at Arizona Mensa chapter, and she is the youngest member of the organization. She is now one of the 110 000 people around the world who have a very high IQ.

Little Alexis can read like a fifth-grade student, and she learned to speak Spanish by using the iPad of her parents.


Below you can watch a video about Alexis Martin, the smartest toddler in the world.

Read below about other two super smart children who got accepted at Mensa:

1. Anthony Popa Urria

In 2012, the little Anthony had only 3 years old, and he was the second youngest person and youngest Canadian to get accepted as a member of Mensa.


Anthony Popa Urria has an IQ of 154, and he can tell the alphabet forward and backwards, he can count till one hundred, list the days or the week, the months, and he can speak three languages (English, Spanish and Romanian). He can easily compete with the little Adam Kirby who is also a toddler who is a part of Mensa and he is a chess genius

2. Emmelyn Roettger 

In 2012, Emmelyn Roettger was the toddler who got the title of the youngest person to be accepted as a member of the prestigious Mensa.  With an IQ of over 135, she was able to do math, read and write before turning 2 years old. She adores the books, and she is always asking her parents to read them to her.


Below you can watch a video about the cute Emmelyn Roettger:


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