The Most Dangerous Trees In The World

It is scary how dangerous these trees and woody plants can be! The following toxic trees: the Manchineela and 6 others will amaze you. 

At the top of the list is the amazing and not approachable:

The Manchineel tree is the most dangerous tree in the whole world. This deadly tree is a part of the species Hippomane mancinella and is a flowering plant. The name of the tree has Spanish origins and comes from the word manzanilla, which means “little apple”.


Nowadays, the Spanish call is “manzanilla de la muerte” which translates into “little apple of death“. This name is quite appropriate. The scariest fact is that the tree and its fruits resemble a normal apple tree too much.


How does the Manchineel tree look like?

You should know how this tree looks like in order to stay away from it. The tree can easily reach a height of 15 meters, about 50 feet. The bark has a greyish bark and the leaves are shiny green. The flowers of this tree are small and greenish. The fruits resemble the normal apples in size and color. They are green and turn greenish-yellow when they mature. 


Where is the Manchineela tree growing?

If you want to see this dangerous tree, you can find it in the Western Hemisphere, in Florida, the Caribbean and the Bahamas. It grows near the coastal beaches. Its only benefits are that its roots stabilize the sand and soil. The tree helps in preventing the erosion of the beach. Even though people do not approach the tree, it is enlisted as endangered species in Florida.  


Why is the Manchineela tree dangerous?

The toxicity of this tree is present in every part of it. The tree produces a milky sap which contains phorbol (an organic compound that acts as a tumor promoter). This substance determines skin irritations and very strong dermatitis. Standing beneath the tree when it rains will cause the sap solve with the rain drop, and once it touches the skin it will cause blisters. If Manchineela tree is burning, the smoke will cause blindness if it reaches the eyes. The fruits of this tree are extremely poisonous and can cause death.

According to “Poisonous Plants: A Handbook for Doctors, Pharmacists, Toxicologists, Biologists and Veterinarians” by Dietrich Frohne and Hans Jürgen Pfänder, the ingestion of these fruits will cause strong bleeding gastroenteritis, bacterial super-infection and respiratory shock

Read the signs!

All trees have a mark, so no one approaches them. They carry warnings. Some have a red “X” to indicate the danger. In some regions, they paint a white band on the trunk of the Manchineela. However, there are regions and countries, where there are no such signs. Be careful!


This tree is weird and dangerous. It is better to avoid it, but it is not the only tree that should be aware of. 

Check out the following dangerous trees and plants that you should avoid!

1. The Apple Tree

We know it is weird, but the Apples can be dangerous. Consuming enough seeds can lead to death. The apple seeds contain cyanogenic glycosides, which is poisonous. Not all stories have a happy end.


2. The European Yew

This tree is very common in Europe, Middle East and North-Western Africa. All part of the European Yew are poisonous and lead to death. The only part that is safe to eat for the bird is the red aril which surrounds the seeds. There are cases where people choose to suicide by eating the seeds of this tree. The toxicity of this plant consists in a substance called taxanes.


3. The Doll’s Eye

The Doll’s Eye is an odd plant with a weird look. They are quite fatal since they contain cardiogenic toxins, which lead to a sedative effect over the muscle of the heart. It determines cardiac arrest and, in the end, death. The plant grows in mixed forest stands and hardwood. It can measure about 2 feet in height and 3 feet in diameter. It grows in North America.


4. The Stinging Tree

The Stinging tree originates to Indonesia and Queensland in Australia and is the deadliest tree. It can cause death only by touching any part of the plant. This tree is a DendrocnideIt can grow up to 131 feet, and it has hairs that can cause a severe reaction on the skin. The Australians use this tree to make lines and nets.


5. The Suicide Tree

This tree got its name because many people choose to die by eating its fruits. The academic name of this tree is Cerbera odollam it grows in India and the South of Asia. The swamps and marshy zones are prolific regions for this tree. The flowers are white and beautiful, and fruits are green and look like small mango when mature. The fruits contain cerberin which is a powerful toxin that can cause heart-beat disruption and death. This weird tree is used to make deodorants and bio-insecticides. 


6. The Sandbox Tree

The Sandbox Tree is a species of Hura crepitans and is a tree that grows in South and North America. It has a dark brown trunk and and many pointed spines. It reaches 200 feet in height, and the oval leaves can measure 2 feet in width. The fruits are large capsules that explode when they reach maturity in order to spread themselves. The speed of the seeds after the explosion can reach 70 m/s and can be dangerous. This tree produces a sap that has a high level of poison. 


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