The Man With The Largest Feet In The UK Wears Size 21 Shoes

The Man With The Largest Feet In The UK Wears Size 21 Shoes

We know what’s probably on all of your minds: the word WOW is the first that comes to mind, this guy has a pair of really big feet and he’s not afraid to use them… for playing sports, or scoring with the ladies. Yes, you heard right, Carl Griffiths has no lady problems, and it’s all due to his 14.5ins long feet. According to him, all of the midwifes tales about the shoe size being proportional to the size of a man’s … other limb, are all 100% true, and he has had 30 flings to back up that affirmation. But having the largest feet in England has its downsides, Carl has to have his shoes shipped from the United States, because no one else in england has feet as big as his.

Mr Griffiths, from Trimsaram in south Wales said: ‘My feet have always been huge – ever since I can remember.

‘They grew so fast when I was at school my mum kept having to buy me new shoes every few months. Each year I would go through two or three pairs. I just wore them out really quickly. Carl is 6 feet and 5 inches tall, and despite his success with the ladies, he finds it difficult to have a long term relationship, due to the fact that most ladies want just an “innocent fling”.

Below, you can see Carl as he struggles with the “burden” of having the biggest feet in England

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