The Bizarre Chat for Talking With Dead People

2. Frank’s Box

Frank’s Box or Ghost’s Box is a device invented by Frank Sumption. In 2000, Frank began doing EVP experiments (electronic voice phenomenon). The device is a scanning radio receiver and it cycles between the radio spectrum and picks up broadcast signals.


If you are brave enough, you can view the next video about a Frank’s Box session:

3. Ovilus

Ovilus was invented by Bill Chappell, and it is an electronic speech-synthesis device. Depending on the environmental readings, it can utter different word. The device is also able to read electromagnetic waves.

Many people gave it negative reviews due to the results. They state that the words the device is providing after reading the environments are purely random. However, other people claim that Ovilus helped them solve ghost cases, and every uttered word is accurate.


Below you can view a video about using this device in ghost-friendly places:.



To brighten up the atmosphere a bit, let’s take a look at the online ghost community. If you are a ghost, you can go and visit GhostSingles and find your soul mate for eternity.


We wonder how much time will pass until we will be able to talk with the dead ones via online.

How bizarre would it be to receive a mail from the afterlife?

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