Stunning Aquarium Fence in Turkey

Stunning 50m Aquarium Fence in Turkey

Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu decided to build the coolest aquarium for his pet fish in his luxurious villa in Turkey. He went overboard and built the famous aquarium out in the open, in the form of a 50 meter long fence, surrounding his home. How many fishes are in the stunning aquarium? How much did it cost? The answers to those questions and many more, right here.

turkish aquarium fence 1

Wealthy business man, Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu, was probably wondering what to do with all of his spare cash, when he cam up with the idea to have his fence replaced with an aquarium. This was happening back in 2005, and the old metal fence that surrounded his villa in the town of Çeşme, soon became this sensational aqua-fence.

turkish aquarium fence 2

The wacky idea cost the millionare plenty of thousands of dollars, but pretty soon, he saw his dream come true. The fence was a “fully furnished” aquarium, home to more than 1,000 fish, but also a few octopuses. The 50-meter-long aquarium has become a regular tourist attraction, and thousands of visitors come every day to admire the wondrous fish-fence.

turkish aquarium fence 3

And if you think that building the aquarium was the hard, part, think again! The hardest part of making the aqua-ence was connecting it to the Aegean sea with the aid of a 400-meter-long underground pipeline. This humongous conduct continuously changes the water, that is why it looks crystal clear and the fishes are extremely happy.

turkish aquarium fence 4

The total amount spent on this cool aquarium fence was $21,000, but he still has several costs with security and maintenance. The stunning aqua-fence is kept safe with the aid of more than 17 facial recognition security cameras.

turkish aquarium fence 5

Visitors which line-up to see this cool, man-made structure are allowed to take pictures, or even film the aqua-fence, but if they come too close, they risk setting off an alarm, and that wouldn’t be so pleasant.

turkish aquarium fence 6

So, in case you are planning a trip to Turkey, make sure you also stop in the city of Çeşme, and see this cool aquarium fence, cause it’s one of a kind. See more pictures of it below.

turkish aquarium fence 7

turkish aquarium fence 8

turkish aquarium fence 9

We also have a video of Mehmet Ali Gökçeoğlu’s stunning 50-feet aquarium fence below, so have a look.

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