Spooky And Funny Halloween Superstitions

Spooky And Funny Halloween Superstitions

Thinking of going trick-or-treating this year? Before you step out the door, you should be sure you are aware of everything that can happen to you this Halloween. For example, do you know that the devil is a nut-gatherer? Well if you didn’t, we just told you, so before you step foot outside the comfort of your home, you should take a nut in one of your pockets so that you can use it as a magic charm to protect yourself. Or, did you know that on Halloween night, if you see a bat flitting around early in the evening when i’s still light outside, then you’ll have good weather the next day. If a candle goes out on Halloween night for whatever reason that’s a sign that a ghost is in your presence… Wanna know more Halloween superstitions? Step right in, and read a really spooky article about funny and spooky facts about All Hallows Eve.

Since we’re talking about superstitions, why keep it simple, we’ll give you 13 superstitions to dwell on.

1. Witches

This Halloween superstition is about those yucky witches! Here’s how it goes: some people claimed that if you put your clothes on inside out and then walked backwards on the night of Halloween, then at midnight, you would see a witch riding through the sky. Why would anyone want to see a witch?
Most people in the dark ages believed that witches were the devil thus they came up with odd tests to check if a woman was a witch or not.
A woman suspected of being a witch would be thrown in a body of water, if she floated, then she was definitely a witch (I guess nobody knew back then that women NATURALLY float better than men!) If she died, she was not a witch (oh well i guess that if she everyone was ok because she wasn’t a witch, BUT they killed an innocent woman…)

2. Bells When you ring a bell on Halloween, all the scary, evil spirits will fly away. Wonder if doorbells have the same effect, practically, Halloween night is all about ringing the doorbells and getting treats.

3. Bats If a bat flies into your house, beware! You may have some ghosts or spirits visiting!
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Superstitions about candles:

4. Lighting an orange colored candle at midnight on Halloween and letting it burn until the sun comes up brings good luck.

5. Candles are lit inside jack-o-lanterns to keep demons and evil spirits away, because their light is calm and white.

6. Only burn new candles on Halloween to bring good luck

Superstitions about animals on Halloween

7. Owls Owls hooting used to scare a lot of people. Some people believed that on Halloween, owls would dive down and eat the souls of anyone dying that night. So, if you heard a hooting owl, quickly pull your pocket out and leave it hanging. Then you’d be safe from the diving owls.

8. If a spider enters your presence on Halloween it is the spirit of one of your dead loved ones who has come for a visit and is watching you

9. You know that old Halloween superstition that says black cats are bad luck? Well, once it was believed that all cats with a black coat were actually the devil, or eaten up by evil spirits.

In the middle ages, black cats were hunted and burned on Easter. (poor kitties!) But, today, lots of families have black cats as pets and don’t give it a second thought. Good thing we outgrew that superstition! In Britain, they believe white cats are bad luck!

10. And, last, but spookily not least, if bats fly around your house on Halloween night 3 times, death is inevitable.

Evil Spirits:

11. To ward off evil spirits walk around your home backwards 3 times then counterclockwise 3 times before the sun sets on Halloween

12. On Halloween night never turn around and look if you hear footsteps behind you for it will be death himself and if you look death in the face your life will soon come to an end

13. If a shadow with no head is cast or no shadow is cast at all, death will come knocking within the year that follows (this is actually still believed by some in the U.S. and Europe)

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