Real Life Version of X-Ray Glasses

Awesome X-Ray Glasses Let Doctors See Through th Skin

Eyes-On Glasses System made X-Ray vision an awesome superpower now available to humans, not just Superman! A new medical invention could allow doctors and medical staff to view what lays behind your skin. Find out more about this awesome invention right here

Eyes-On Glasses System is a new super-smart device developed by Evena Medical, an imaging technology firm. We all know that when it comes to taking blood, the hardest part is finding a vein. Well, that burden is why the awesome X-Ray vision glasses were invented.

Eyes-On Glasses System 1

The glasses consist of a head-mounted device with a display which is equipped with vascular imaging technology. The company has managed to integrate technology into glasses, and a hands-free system projects overlays of digital content onto the user’s field of vision.

Eyes-On Glasses System 2

As it X-ray vision alone weren’t enough, the super glasses are also able to store the information in order to make the documentation of vein condition throughout the patient’s hospital stay more accessible. If that doesn’t make whomever is using these glasses feel like they have superpowers, then maybe the fact that the glasses an also interact with any electronic medical records.

Eyes-On Glasses System 3

Studies indicate that in nearly 40% of the cases, the first attempt to start an IV line fails, leading to the discomfort of the patient. That being said, the new device promises wonders! The amazing tehnology is actually the result of a combination between Evena’s multi-spectral 3D imaging technology with Epson’s Moverio smart glasses.

Eyes-On Glasses System 4

Eyes-On system is designed to automatically log all of the collected data from each procedure and stores it with the rest of the patient’s medical records. With the aid of Moverio’s Wi-Fi connectivity, everything that the nurse sees can easily be shared with doctors anywhere worldwide.

The awesome X-ray glasses will be properly introduced at the Medica conference in Dusseldorf in Hall 15, Booth C03 in the Wearables Pavilion. If you happen to be there, you can be the lucky person to heck them out first hand.

Have a look below to see the Moverio smart glasses in action:

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