Pythons Eating Extremely Large Animals

Pythons Eating extremely Large Animals

These snakes can get pretty big, big and scary enough to eat almost anything no matter the size. They’ve been known to eat their owners, sheep, deers and even alligators. They’re big, they’re predators and unfortunately, some people have them as pets until the python does something that comes completely natural to him like… eat the neighbor’s cat. We have amazing pictures of pythons eating kangaroos and we even have a picture of a python exploding while swallowing an alligator.

Just take a look at these extremely stunning pictures and maybe you’ll think twice about getting a python as your pet. Even tho this type of snake isn’t venomous, they’re known for their unique way of killing the prey: constricting it to death before gorging it in just one bite.

In the first series of pictures you’ll see how this terrible snake devours a poor defenseless kangaroo in one or two gulps. Pretty scary, yet it’s amazing to see the how exceptionally large animals can just disappear in a snake’s belly within minutes.

Even tho they can reach lengths of over 35 feet (11 meters) and can weight 300 pounds (137 kilos), pythons sometimes fail at hunting. Here’s a picture of a python that exploded after taking a bit too much then he could handle: a huge alligator… big oops!

If you think an exploding snake is awesome, check out the video below, it shows you just how pythons work. It’s not a pleasant sight to see, but it is a video about a snake devouring a kangaroo.

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