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swimming infrozen cedar lake
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Shortest married couple London GWR
Elliott Twins born 87 days apart 770x512
taiwanese born baby on a plane 770x433
A German Model Is Suddenly Accompanied by a Large Shark people swimming with sharks around them
dogs going crazy on feeding time
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12 Amazing Cases of People who Were Cryogenically Frozen

12 Cases of people who were cryogenically preserved. Pictures, videos and interesting facts about cryogenic freezing. Are people who were cryogenically frozen to be preserved truly time travelers to a future where they could live forever, or cure a currently untreatable illness? Or are people in cryogenic suspension just lost in their own hopes and dreams? or maybe even victims of the companies that freeze people for a living? Continue reading

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Forgotten Pillars and Poles in the Middle of the Road

 7 real cases of incredible dumb road workers who forgot pillars, lamp posts, transmission towers, electricity pylons and poles in the middle of the road, after the road was finished! It’s not about pranks, there are such terrible road developers!

Yep, it happens. It is human nature to make mistakes, even if  this kind of mistakes might endanger the drivers of the roads whose (dumb) developers didn’t see that a pillar or a pole might end up right in the middle when they were building! Workers who forgot lamp posts and pylons on the finished road! Continue reading

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