Newest UFO Sightings – 2014

5. UFO spotted flying near Paris

A metallic object was filmed flying between the buildings, over the Business center “La Défense”. The witness says it was a house-sized UFO, grey-black, and it was moving slowly.

It’s not sure if it was a man-made craft or a real outer-space ship, but take a look at the and decide for yourself.

 6. White UFO Above the Icebergs

The following story is from east of Canada, and the images are quite impressive.

Someone filmed a few minutes of what it looks like a white object that changes shape and moves in a circle. The man who was filming believed at first it was a part of the iceberg, but after taking a better look he saw the object was moving and changing rapidly. At some point, the object seems to throw a white object into the water. Some theorists believe that the object had a cloak that made it look like an iceberg. See for yourself.

7. UFO attacking Military Camp

A video of a giant UFO has created a lot of noise over the Internet. The unidentified object seems to approach a Taliban camp and fire at it.

The triangular-shaped object fires at will, somewhere near the eastern city of Asadabad. Many believe it’s fake while other think it was a drone. However, until it will be identified, it will remain a UFO. Take a look at the video.

8. Strange Lights caught on Deer Camp

 Edith and Rainer Shattles wanted to film the habits of the deer when they bought a camera and attached it to the trees from the back woods. However, what they saw in the pictures, stunned them.

In the footage, they say two ray of lights that seemed to watch the animals. It is not sure what it was, but the couple is still frightened of the weird event.

Some people believe it is an effect made by the low quality of the camera.

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