6 Most Awkward Places Where People Got Stuck

3. Student caught inside a vagina-look-alike sculpture

The firefighters from Tübingen encountered an embarrassing situation, when someone called them to help the student. The young man get himself trapped in The Chacán-Pi (Love Making) artwork by Fernando de la Jara. This sculpture, for the young man, resembled with the feminine lower parts, so he wanted to make a prank.

But he got stuck inside the tight spot.


The student was helped by 22 firefighters to get out of the marble statue. The helpers used bare hands to set him free, in order not to damage the work of art.


Check out the following funny video about the even funnier situation:

4. Teenage girl stuck in the sewer 

People are usually attached to their phones and losing them might mean the end of the world. For a 16-years-old girl from  Dover, Kent, dropping the precious iPhone into a sewer meant an emergency case.

Ella Birchenough thought nothing will stop her from getting back her phone. She lifted the stone cover and lowered herself inside the drain.


Her family and friends tried to help her get out, but she got trapped in the small gap.

The firefighters came to the rescue and finally freed the girl. She didn’t even know that her iPhone was already insured. The good thing is the girl had a cheerful mood during the entire event.


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