Most Bizarre Weddings

Most Bizarre Weddings

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If you are planning a weird wedding,this is for you.if not,just take a look at this strange weddings.

The couple who got married on a Bung-jump platform – and  jumped after saying yes

a97216 g145 2 bungee jump

The Chinese bride who wore a 200m-long dress to set a World record

a97216 g145 3 long dress

The couple who got married at T.J. Maxx

a97216 g145 4 tj max

The groom who decorated his wedding with 99,999 roses to surprise his bride

a97216 g145 5 roses2

The woman who married her dead fiancé in the morgue

a97216 g145 10 dead man

The couple who got married inside a shark tank

a97216 g145 1 shark tank

The couple who tied the knot at NASCAR’s Daytona 500

a97216 g145 8 nascar

The bride who had 110 bridesmaids and set a World Record

a97216 g145 9 bridesmaid

The Russian couple who decided to get married while bicycling

a97216 g145 6 bicycle

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