50+ Most Bizarre and Unique Nail Art Designs

World’s Most Impressive Nail Art Designs – Nailympics


2009 London Nailympics – weird nail art design

In 2009, if you believe it or not, London hosted Nailympics!

In 2009, the theme was Medieval Era, so I’m going to show you a few nail designs that will blow your mind! These nails are simply huge and have large impressive designs! Check it out!

a. Shield and Swords nail art design

b. King’s feast nail art design

  c. Princess Throne nails art design

  • d. Buffalo’s Show nail art design

    e. Medieval Dragon nails art design

    f. Wizard nail art design

    g. Dragon Beauty nail art design



2010 London Nailympics – bizarre nail art design

In 2010, London hosted again the Nailympics competition and again, the world’s top manicurists battled it out for medals. I think the idea of this contest is amazing. I mean you can see the most brilliant and exotic ways to create fairy tales nails.

Check out the most creative and weird nails art designs!

a.  Zoo fantasy nails art design

b. Wedding fantasy nail art design

  • c. Wonderland nails art design


2011 United States Nailympics- weird nail art designs

In 2011, Nailympics was held in the United States on 23 and 24 October. Here came participants from all over the world : Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, Columbia, Puerto Rico, and all over the U.S.

Below, I’m going to show you some ground-breaking nails art design. The theme for 2011 Nailympics was free to be chosen by every nail artist. Check it out some highlights from the competition!

a. Korean Girls Pop Group

Fantasy Nail Art winner Nam In Ja featured the Korean pop group Girls’ Generation

b. Winter Olympics – themed nail design

Fantasy nail artist Park Young from Korea created these Winter Olympics-themed nails. Wow! Isn’t that too heavy?!

c. Fairy Picnic Scene

Fantasy nail artist Adrianna Riveros created a fairy picnic scene in her first Fantasy Nail Art competition.



2012 London Nailympics – weird nail art designs

Here we are in 2012, again in this Olympic competition, where WEIRD and UNIQUE are the only words that can get into my mind! It is almost unbelievable and you’ll surely be amazed by those odd nails art designs!

a. Pirates Island nails art design –  2012 Nailympics

b. Traditional Japanese nail art design – 2012 Nailympics

c. Fruits picking nails art design – 2012 Nailympics

d. Christmas Joy nails art design – 2012 Nailympics

e. Vampires story nail art design- 2012 Nailympics

f. Dancing Hall nails art design- 2012 Nailympics

g. Ocean Life nails art design- 2012 Nailympics

Check out this super cool video from 2012 Nailympics! Hundreds of nail artist from all around the world came to prove their abilities to create uniqueness, weirdness and the coolest nails on earth!


2014 Nailympics – A bizarre nail art design contest

In 2014, Rome, Italy hosted another edition of Nailympics. If you are curious about what was up to date in 2014 check out the list below. It is sensational, extreme and outstanding!

a. Harry Potter nail art design

  • b. Little Mermaid fairytale nail art design

    c. Ancient Gods nail art design

    d. The land of the dwarfs nails art design

    Below, I’m going to show you guys, a video from the 2014 Nailympics contest, in order to see how things were going before the nominalization of the winners! Check it out maybe you’ll participate next year!

That’s all folk! Hope you got some great inspiration from this article. Keep it weird but fabulous!

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